Anyone else notice how when you kill a zed, it seems nothing at all in most cases?
Does this game take place in a nudist colony?
Why would a nudist colony be in a place where you have to wear serveral layers of clothing not to get frost bite in 55 degree weather?

Furthermore, where was that zombie keeping that wrench and bag of chips?

Wouldn’t it be nice to kill a zombie, loot its potentially damaged and rotted, and use that cloth for something useful?
Or at least not have look and wall of deadly demonic dong whenever you go into town?

Same reasons as World War Z.

That shit rots right off, and most people died in bed (naked or in underwear). When people do have clothes on, it’s often minimal.

I assume that, when the infection hit, it was nighttime in the area the game takes place. Not only that, but the people in the evac shelter weren’t there for, what, a day- weeks at least, and water, wind, dirt, etc. is going to take off those clothes if they’re not already gnawed off in the first place.

I thought the wide spread apocalypse had happened 8 hours earlier? Like literally down to the exact time. So Milk had time to rot but nothing else… Yet. Although I suppose it could of happened a couple of days earlier and the power had only failed 8 hours earlier or else everything that could would be rotten. But that’s still far from weeks. But acid rain would burn through those clothes I think pretty well.

That zombie could of been holding that wrench and bag of chips attempting to use them as a club.

The game starts at 8 AM on Thursday, the major indicators of the outbreak became apparent at roughly 8 AM on Saturday, meaning that 5 days have passed.

To the OP, that includes the women zombies, not just the men.
My solution to the nudity problem is that you whacked/slashed/punched/whathaveyoued them so hard that their clothes simply disintegrated by the force of your blow.

My theory is that you’re getting the clothes from them that are actually in usable condition or can be taken off in a pinch. You can’t exactly strip a whole body in a reasonable amount of time, and after five days of constant warfare and chaos, the clothing is going to be mostly damaged and useless, though still covering the body up reasonably.

No, I think the OP is pretty much right.

Zombie wang everywhere.


And keep in mind, these aren’t your standard decomposing living dead zombies; these are freshly-dead corpses shambling about.

They’re not rising from the grave, they’re rising from the mortician’s slab!

Just adding a point here, but if these are decomposing, rotty zombies, softer bits tend to go sooner rather than later. Add in an inability to heal (due to being dead) and bashing through everything to get at the delicious living… we might be spared full frontal zombuttnakedness by virtue of everything being battered beyond recognition. Hooray for violence?

I don’t think you understand quite how our zombies work, tho’.

They aren’t actually living dead, per se.

The lab computers should be able to get you up to speed on what exactly is going down.

Evidently my noob is showing, aye. Should be playing more before I open my gob hahaha.

I’ll be curious to look into that and revise whether the physical abuse argument might still stand at least.

Last I checked they are reanimated corpses though, just that the process is pretty efficient in terms of, well, down-time.

i always imagined the zeds as being sexual deviant zombies, thus the lack of clothes and their desire to get to you - madly defending yourself as all those naked stiffs come at you… wait, let me rephrase that…

I’m adding that to my sig.[/font]

I need some of this stuff,

Cataclysm just won’t be the same after reading that and the thread title.

Beginning to see why mouth protection is so essential.

sex jokes, sex jokes everywhere.

on a (slightly) more serious note. I have to agree on the idea that either weather and other things would have worn all the clothing down to be nothing but a pile of rags covered in whatever, or nothing at all.

slightly more serious notes over, my survivor always seems to hit between the torso and the legs. what a perv he is :stuck_out_tongue:

I just like to think that the game only shows you the clothing you can/would wear. =P

If a pair of pants is all rotten, torn up, and covered in gore, then it’s a lost cause even for a skilled tailor.

Also if they are far too small then there’s not much use for 'em.

S’just my way of thinking about it. I wouldn’t mind seeing more clothing on zombies though. Just make them start out as ripped/torn/shredded.