Bomb disposal suits/mobs?

A nice addition to the game would be the type of suit bomb squads use during removal of UEO, IEDs, or minefields, since gathering explosives in minefields or looting trapped buildings is still very risky.
Of course the suits would provide massive encumbrance and should only be worn for short periods due to being very hot, to also discourage players from using it like medieval armor.
You could even add in zombies wearing bomb suits that would move incredibly slowly and have bad hearing, but be incredibly resistant damage. For extra nightmare fuel the evolved form could have the goo beneath the amour could make it harden so that only fire or acid would work, and provide a hard counter to the “hit it with a car” strategy that many players use to deal with end game mobs.

These could be final evolution of the Hazmat/ANBC line of zombies.

Given the general realism level of CDDA however, cars will always work on pretty much any zombie that isn’t roughly as large as a car itself - how much armor you have is irrelevant if you are hit by a fast moving object that masses substantially more than you. Even a magically impregnable suit of armor would just result in you being turned to a mass of broken bones if you were hit by a car moving at 100mph. A big-ass zombie in super-heavy armor could do pretty serious damage to your car in return however.

(Edit: Oh, I see what the op was getting at - if the zombie HAS no internal structure and a nearly impregnable shell, then it would potentially be immune to impact damage. True, but it would basically be totally immune to ALL physical damage at that point, which would make them super obnoxious… ok for a super mob like a POI boss, but I wouldn’t want to see wanderers like that…)

Though if we really wanted to make car resistant enemies to aggravate the survivor that wouldn’t be hard at all - flyers and leapers could be granted special abilities that have a good chance to instantly displace them when the car tries to hit them, while formless enemies like blobs could just ignore vehicle impacts altogether and apply some kind of traction penalty to cars that try to hit them, resulting either in them getting oil-slicked or severely stuck.

But yeah, bomb disposal suits would be fun, with a combination of outrageous armor and encumbrance penalties.

Might be a good way for melee focused builds to be able to approach and deal with smaller caliber turrets, or allow a ‘high explosive’ combat style for dealing with massive hordes that involves shuffling down the street distributing grenades to all and sundry nearby.

Honestly EOD zombies would make more sense in most places the current Armored Zombies spawn considering the state of exoskeletons IRL.

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exoskeletons are explained by the world of cataclysm having better energystorage tech so exoskeletons where developed earlier and with more investment.

I’m with Rogal on this actually. It makes a lot of sense, especially given that in lore they’re laying down minefields and such. With the amount of explosives we see I imagine there would be more than a few EOD type zombies wandering around.

They would be a nice source of kevlar though

I’ve been suggesting they add EOD suits/drones for a long time. No one seems to want to add it though. Shame, because being the juggernaut would be a lot of fun.

EOD suits are actually in the latest experimental builds. Though I haven’t seen them spawn outside of merchants inventory yet. Apparently they are one of the most expensive things in the cataclysm.

Both expensive AND nearly useless! Perfect. :smiley: