Monster Attributes

I plan on making a mod specifically for those who want either fast-zombies-low-health, or slow-zombies-high-health etc.
Can someone give me the monster attribute list? Seems like game.(monster_type).health won’t work.

Check out doc/ in the cataclysm directory, information on what the various stats mean.

Thanks! However, my code still won’t work. I’ll type in the problematic part.

game.monster_type(monster_type).hp = game.monster_type(monster_type).hp / 2

It tells me that “mtype hp” doesn’t exist. And JSON_INFO won’t say anything about it.

Have you taken a look at monsters.json in the data directory? You can alter monster stats right in there, including speed and hp.

I know, but seriously, it’s very annoying to quadruple / divide by 4 every time you want to play either with fast zombies, or slow zombies. I want to do it straight from the LUA, and nothing I used (health, hp, healthpoints, life) worked. Same error message.
Any indication on where to find “mtype attributes” list?