Unsure how to increase the Quick trait

Hi all, first time posting on the forums so I hope the format of this thread is correct.

I’ve been playing Cataclysm for about a month now and absolutely love it! I was hoping to find some assistance in how to increase the “Quick” trait from its standard 10% to say 12% or even 15%. Similarly any indication on how to increase or decrease things such as the Regeneration trait’s healing rate and Tough/Durable/Unbreakable’s Body-part HP buff would be greatly appreciated. I have a general knowledge on how the .json files work but am completely inexperienced with compiling the game, mainly the only thing I have done so far is alter the .json files in notepad and tweaked the numbers on things such as the “Strong” mutation, which have the passive mods very obviously displayed in the text file.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

All of that is code work, so you’ll have to dive into the values and change them up. Im not sure where the relevant files are however.

Uh oh, I was afraid of that :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fine, I suspected it would be in the base code of the game itself but was hoping for a more accessible alternative. Thanks for the heads up on that Litppunk!

Time to get good at coding it would seem.

Yeah, don’t quote me on it but I think there are .Jsons for all that stuff, so you should only need to mess with the values, not the hard code. Its always possible there are more elaborate calculations going on behind the scenes, in which case it may be more of a balancing act then changing one value, but I don’t think so.

The Quick trait is defined in player.cpp, Tough/etc are defined in character.cpp.

Not sure where Regeneration is, but I could look for it next time I load up my IDE.