Monster attacks and player slow down

I’ve been playing recently with classic zombies, spawn rates at 2 for monsters and 0.5 for loot. I must say I enjoy the experience, but it’s too easy to escape the zombies and eliminate them one by one. This made me realize just how much this game misses a very important zombie ability. I’ve mentioned it already in my grabbing suggestion, but it would work wonders in a much simpler form as well.

If zombies were able to slow down the player or immobilize him through their attacks, they would become a far greater threat even in smaller groups.

I betcha poisonous zombies would end up being a major pain in the ass.

This would be a good idea for classic zombies although might be difficult to implement. It also buffs ranged even more which is not really what’s needed. I think classic zombies just need more group awareness and be generally more dangerous.