I was think about the combat in cataclysm and I though that it is strange that you fight 1 zombie the same way you fight a hoarde. So I thought that a “takedown” move could be added to quickly and quietly kill 1 zombie. This would mean that when you kill a solo zombie in a house it would be fast and efficient to take out moms ect.


There’s 2 problems with this. Firstly, this idea can’t be done with the current spotting system, because when you have one zombie on you , you also probably have another few. Secondly, the zombies in Cataclysm are the running, 28 days later types, and not the big, shambling horde that Romero uses. Unless you wanted a zombie running at you, moaning loudly and probably call the others, you would have to sneak up within one tile.

Not to say this idea wouldn’t be a good implementation for a game in which these problems were nullified, it’s just the game doesn’t fit in with it, although it may become doable in the future if things change.

Yes I guess that is true but with the new static spawning finding a solo zombie “might” be more possible. But even if its a 28 days zombie takedowns can still have, take zombie land for example. A solid hit to the face of a sprinter would take it out faster.

Alrhough it is true that it would be a challenge to put into the game at the moment a much later version might help?