Mod? idea shamling zombies

Walking, slow moving, even stumbling blindly as decay has taken over and eyes glaze pearly white. Forever shambling towards you until dismembered or severely concussed, though simply reduced to a crawler through spinal impairment. Their flesh will burn until turning into carbon and dislodging itself from the rest. Vile moans, and inhumanly shrieks terrorize you in your sleep. Smashing the doors down, breaking through windows and accidentally spilling their guts, dragging decaying stinking mass. Clawing and scratching, grabbing and crowding, tearing and ripping, biting and gnawing, pulping, ingesting, stagnating.

I know the goo infected humans and turned them into rage beasts, but i would like to see some oldschool zombies like night of the living dead (take your pick).

I like the idea!

Was thinking this would be reasonably easy to implement. As you only need to up the Z spawn, and and down the Z speeds. But… you run into the problem that upping the spawn also creates a lot more special Z’s.

Some updates to the revive function would also be needed. (Make them stand up quicker, but slower).

How about on severe damage e.g spinal impairment destroy the current zombie and spawn say, a crawling zombie. or, after killing zeds but not pulping/butchering, they have a chance to come back as crawling ones anyway.

Slower than normal zeds, faster than crawling zeds, double health of normal zeds, one and a half or two times damage.
Also shamblers might be good for classic mode.

Classic mode does this a bit (as there are no special zombies) but the problem with a shambling horde in a game like this is that they’re just too easy to deal with by running away and using ranged weapons/kiting. Basically, anything slow with no ranged attacks is easy to fight, even if they followed you forever (I don’t know about the feasibility due to the reality bubble - you might be able to outrun them) you’d still be able to just kite them around.

Really, the only way for this to work would be to implement a stamina system and put a huge spawn rate on them.

However, if you just wanted to add a hardier zombie in the main mix then this might be good, but I’d prefer to just set all normal Zs to having more HP and doing more damage.

The idea is more like dawn of the dead kinda ridiculous numbers, and have this type of zombie be the main z-monster. I agree fully that a skilled ranger would eliminate masses with ease, so the numbers would prevent any early game town entry without proper skills or a vehicle to mow them down. Im not to keen on revival after headshots and that sort of stuff, but damaged zeds should be incapacitated momentarily at 1/3 health depending on a dice roll. What im getting at is that these z’s should be much harder to kill than regular zombies, much slower, and simply much more of them. I would like to also see instead of too many varying stats for attacks, make a wider range of defensive stats involving my previous mentions.

Additionally, relatively statistically equal zombies with a large array of speeds would be a nice feature. (other than headshots/spinal death it is mostly feasible.)

I dont propose this as an addition to classic, but simply a mode- Shambling undead. or what have you.

I know talk of a stamina system has been had, and if im not mistaken it has been added to the “to do” list. Not to imply anything but im also fairly sure adding an adjustable player speed based on a stat bar simulating running/jogging/walking/crawling in ways other than pain and inebriates would be possibly simplistic to add. (not simple. Simplistic)

So if anyone thinks this is a good idea, throw out suggestions or even ways you could help. I can modify most existing json material without issue. Feel free to criticize, but only if you have positive feedback on how we could work around something disliked.

*as for the stat bar thing i think the most appropriate way around a huge immersion breaking statistic readout, is we have text under the player menu accurately describing player stamina and an on screen text providing a basic idea of endurance left over. Strength more than dexterity should play into stamina rating. Fixed stamina with stats until we add dumbbells or free-weights in the parking lot. With the exception of stat mutaions/traits of course.

I think it’s a good idea for after the stamina system comes in. I’ve often thought that classic zombie mode should be more shambling and have zombies with slightly variable health/stats to mix things up would be great.

As I say, after stamina system this will be great, a bit difficult for it to be fun before that though as you’d be able to just constantly kite everything.