Changing colors breaks game loading

So since the blue color is invisible during “night light” hours on my computer (I have it on after 8 so I can sleep better) I changed the colors in the color options to something brighter, but for some reason now my seems to be giving an error code on monsters on boot, and stops loading. I tried resetting by reloading to original template and restarting the game but its still broken.
DEBUG : Error: data/mods//dda/…/…/json/monsters.json: line 15:13: invalid color name

"material": [ "flesh" ],
"symbol": "X",
"aggression": 100,
"morale": 100,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::load_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 952

You haven’t given much information.

Did you use the in-game menu to change the color? IE: Escape – color manager or whatever it’s called – and then changed the color?

Or did you muddle around in the files?

I couldn’t duplicate this issue using the color manager. It changed fine for me, changing multiple colors with no problem.

Based on the error message provided, the game is looking for the color “white” which it doesn’t think exists. Without knowing exactly what you did, I have no idea. There’s no issues I saw on Github, and if you’re unable to undo what you did, you’ll probably have to fresh install the game.

If you’re on the same version, you should be able to move your saves to the new directory without issue.

The invalid color was my first guess, but howling waif has “white” as its color. oh well, always make backup before editing.

I didn’t meddle in any files, just use the the color manager from main menu.
Also moving the save folder onto a fresh download duplicates this error when I open the color manager even without doing anything

Just to clarify where is the map data anyways?

The map data from your save is in the ‘maps’ folder of your save. It should be the config folder that handles custom colors.

I think your issue is that there’s an error in custom_colors.json.

Go to your cdda directory/config folder and open custom_colors.json.

Erase everything inside it and paste this in.


Don’t forget to save the file.

That’s it. I’m thinking that will work for you. Or, at least, I think it will let you open the game. Then you’d want to open color manager and manually clear out all the entries that are there.

It is a known and confirmed issue - see