Mod Suggestions for my next playthrough

Ok, I’ve played a LOT of CDDA, but mostly experimental vanilla to date, only dabbling with a few mods.

I’d like to play a more elaborate run this time, and I’m looking for mods that add a lot of new locations to explore, endgame challenges and the like - but I’m not looking for mods that fundamentally change or remake the game too dramatically. (eg magiclysm).

I’d also prefer to use mods that are generally pretty stable, as I’m taking the general instability of experimental on board already. Anybody have any favorites in these categories?

I shall recommend the following:

Dark Skies Above




Magiclysm: A Total Fantasy Overhaul


Arcana: GitHub - chaosvolt/cdda-arcana-mod: Arcana and Magic Items mod for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions, Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions

Enchanted Bullets,

Dorf Life,

Oh, and Thunderdome. The below video shall provide instruction.

Hrm. CDDA is very hard to kill when it is fullscreen and locks up on world creation. That window is exceedingly possessive of the desktop, and frankly if I wasn’t able to taskbar-drag the task manager over to get it onto a second monitor so I could kill the process, that lockup would have effectively required a full system reboot to resolve.

Not my favorite experience with mods so far. :expressionless: