What do you think are the best mods?

Hi everyone,
So far, I’ve only been playing the core game. A few days ago, I tried the Magiclysm mod, and I found it extremely enjoyable. So that raises the question: what, in your opinion, are the best mods? Any opinions are appreciated, no matter how fringe. What are your thoughts?
Edit: I just realized quite a few mods aren’t available on the worldgen list, so since I’m not sure which are and aren’t, I edited my post to remove that part.

dda is the best mod, hands down.


Ha, that’s hilarious… Unless you’re being serious and they added a new mod while I wasn’t looking, lol. I always did think it was funny that they included the core game in the mod list, though.

Generic guns, after DDA core content

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So far I’ve been looking at Aftershock and Cata++ for my next world. I was considering Generic Guns, but honestly I like the current variety of guns and ammo. Does anyone know if Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions is any good?