Magiclysm Addon - Enchanted Bullets (Borderlands-esque elemental bullets for most vanilla guns)

Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with Magiclysm, and stumbled across GitHub - YASUYASUYASUYASU/Magiclysm_With_Magicitem: magiclysmのアドオンです, where I thought the enchanted bullets were a pretty cool idea.

They made their own custom guns and bullets, though, so I instead programmatically converted each existing factory-loaded bullet (with exclusions of paper cartridges, grenades, etc.) to be enchanted so you can load regular guns with them. Some of the effects from the original didn’t quite work, so I tweaked them around a bit.

What this mod offers:

  • Fire bullets that ignite enemies (100% compared to 25% of incendiary)
  • Ice bullets that freeze (read: stun) enemies
  • Lightning bullets that bounce off of enemies (like chain lightning, but on a bullet)
  • Earth bullets that explode into fragments
  • EMP bullets that do EMP stuff to robots
  • Acid bullets that splash acid
  • Laser bullets with increased armor penetration
  • Mana leech bullet that heals 3 mana (costs 5 mana to craft)
  • Flashbang bullets that stuns and dazes
  • “Black hole” bullets that apply a suction force to enemies and items

There is a recipe book for them that drops alongside other spellbook loot. Given how rare magic books already are, though, spawning is probably the easiest way to dive into it.

To balance them, I made them do a lot less damage, but this mod is for a more Borderlands-esque experience than any realism. Both the templates and the script that generates the bullets are in the repo so people can tweak the numbers themselves and apply it across all ammo types without any manual labor involved.

Download the mod at the GitHub!

To install, just drag into where your mods folder is (be it cdda/Mods or cdda/data/mods) and add ‘magiclysm_magic_bullets’ to mods.json. Tested to work on 0.E-2 (You need the compat version) and the farthest experimental I’ve tried.

Note: Since the game doesn’t tell you when an enemy is on lit on fire or stunned, you can only tell when you are inspecting the enemies.

7/11/2020 Update: Added flashbang bullets, acid bullets, mana leech bullet, black hole bullet, and laser bullets.

10/13/2021 Update: Updated for stable 0.F-2.


Seems more like Outlaw Star. Got any Gravity cartidges? =D

Never heard of Outlaw Star, but I like the gravity idea, so I added a “black hole” bullet that casts a suction type spell on enemies.

Always happy to hear more suggestions.

Outlaw Star was an anime show that has a similar mechanic.

Good show. Kinda could fit into the game where magic is added by mods. But I only have ever played without magic.

Well, this is a super cool mod. I had a hankering for enchanted bullets a few days ago, and lo and behold someone has fulfilled this desire! With great aplomb and convenience for moddability - well done!

I’ve updated the mod for 0.F-2 stable. I’ve not tested on experimental, but the templates should make it an easy fix for anyone interested.