Mod Manager

Sooo, when the mod manager is out, i guess some people will make mods. And others will mak etilesets to go with them.

I mean, what are your ideas? I’d like to do something stalker-fallouthesque (Wich is weird because i have never played any of those games, and i wish i could… does anyone have a portable Stalker?), but, who knows? There are so many possibilities! Like

-Something fallouthesque
-Something Stalkeresque
-Somthing futuristic, with robots and hovers instead of wheels
-The World of Apes
-The World of Bears
-The World of Zombears
-I think that if someone could manage something like the Waterworld movie when there are good NPC, make it. Please, i beg you.
-Medieval things (With castles, villes instead of cities, ghouls instead of zombies…[size=3pt] but, they are the same SHUTUP.[/size])
-Star Wars. Please. Star wars. I want to be in Tatooine killing jawas and being followed by mercenaries of the Hutt Cartel.
-More zombies
-A better Halloween version (i have not played it, but you get me)
-Somthing more or less like Tankmen, from Newgrounds (they are little funny animations, but i like the setup)
-Being lost in a jungle
-Who knows? Maybe even a Minecraft inspired mod. (With good breaking-crafting-items list, it could be even perfect)

Choose is ours, gentlemen.

Personally I’d like to see mods that convert Cataclysm into something similar to GTA, but with some futuristic technologies. This will require functional and intelligent NPC. Basically the player is a criminal, in a normal world and doing normal criminal activities like breaking into house without waking up the owner (stealth mechanic in Cataclysm), gun fight with police (guns and dodge/cover), and just generally be da gangsta in a custom made mortorbike with shotgun in one hand.

That is actually an awesome idea.

Another one: (some of you may hate me for saying it)

Hunger Games.

Short games of maybe just 7 days long max, where there are limits of how far you can go, and have to eat and all the things. We could even have Hunger games in a city, forest, even swamps.

I’d like to see it. Really. It would need incredibly aggressive and intelligent NPC. They should not kill themselves at the start, at least not the most, and they should be able to take the items and use them. They could even start little ally groups and, when ¡t is just them, to kill between themselves.

Having to eat thowing rocks, finding bows and making ammo, NPCs finding where you are by looking at the smoke of the fire, the starting place full of items, the place where if you move you explode by the mines, etc.

Throws up rainbows

If I were a real modder, I would make a total conversion to something inspired by an old turn based game I used to play, Spellcross. Basically, inter dimensional portals started to open worldwide and humanity gets under attack by a massive amount of creatures only know in fantasy tales like dragons, orcs, demons, undead, etc. Surviving human armies band together as The Alliance to fight the new menace know only as The Other Side.

So the game would be set pretty much in the middle of this new cataclysm. With civilians moving towards military bases, barricading themselves at home or just surviving, military forces engaging these creatures, securing towns and saving people. Orcs, goblins and other sentient creatures wielding medieval-like weapons and armor attacking and abducting humans to sacrifice them to their gods and wild animals and monsters attacking both sides.

New games would probably start in a similar way to Cataclysm. As a survivor in a random home. Playing in the same world after a while will unlock new options, like starting as part of The Alliance or being a survivor from another race. It should depend on story progression.

As the time passes and you manage to survive, or start new games as other survivors but in the same world generated, new things start to happen:
-TOS forces uses a heavy screen of fog/mist thru the use of magic to hide hordes moving to attack the Alliance or settlements. The Alliance will notice this pattern and try to send their own forces toward this weather phenomenon to intercept.
-TOS forces will start to bring more deadly enemies like demons and magic wielding enemies and the weaker enemies first encountered like Goblins and Orcs will learn how to use human guns and items.
-The Alliance will start using melee oriented soldiers since bullet proof vest and monsters engaging mostly at close quarters will force them to adapt.
-The arrival of magic in this world also sparks the ability to use it in humans after exposure to certain elements and training.
-Some humans start to go rogue and form raiding groups to attack anyone for survival or start to worship TOS and defect to join their forces.
-Some Portals fall under Alliance control, allowing them or people with the proper papers to go thru them.
-Goblins and Orcs are labeled as weaklings by Demons and other superior races and are no longer part of TOS forces, forcing the ones already in our world to go rogue, surrender and form communities, join human communities or joining the Alliance as soldiers.

And stuff like that, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue: