List of ideas, mostly just dreams, but cool

Well, I’m not expecting that this gets added to the game but just think about it for a momment.
I’m still very bad at playing and don’t know how the game works so I doubt I could make a mod myself to add this but maybe some year if the cataclysm doesn’t strike I make a mod or two for what I consider the game that best suits me.
Anyways just have a look, you may get inspired or something.

The ideas are:

-A magic mod, with which you can do either good or dark magic. The good one using a lot of inteligence and magic books and the dark one using sacrifices and giving your own blood to some deity. It isn’t so strange as my cataclysm game already has robots dinosaurs and mutants and lots of strange things like I think I have seen a freakin unicorn. Not even lying. I think I did. It just vanished.
Whatever, this could be a great mod. You already can become a cyborg or a mutant, or both. Why not become a whizard or a god?

-The second idea is hard to do, but it could be cool: this starts because I would like to go to the coast, get a boat and find a uninhabited island where I could make a base.
This made me think if it could be possible to add biomes to the game. Like tropical islands and deserts and stuff. All with its own vegetation and monsters. But, why stay there? Why not go wild? Why not create the possibility to find portals to other worlds in the lab or to create a spaceship to go explore new worlds. Idk this is obviously too hard and it surely will never be done but this game is already crazy, why not make it crazier?

-This last one is in my opinion the easiest to be made. It is not an idea of a great new system of getting overpowered or something. It is just little items or things you could add.

Because this game is suposedly set in a future with cyborgs and mutants, which already exist here. But while playing I feel like I am too much in the present. If we really are in the future, we would have to encounter some new things. I don’t want any time traveling machine or something like that, but just think of this: in the present day, we are just starting to scratch the surface of a lot of new technologies.
So why don’t we make at least one or two of these technologies true in cataclysm.

For example, it would make me really feel in the future if I found a Fusion Power Plant. Because it is a greate source of energy. It is a lot safer, does notgenerate so much waste and generates a lot of more energy. Also renewable energies are starting to get strong today. It would be cool to find power generating structures.
Also, talking of new ways of generating power, there would also be some wereable power generators that would be very popular. For example these batteries that generate power through the heat of the food youre eating over it. Or friction batteries, which you activate to friction them for quite some time to generate a little power. Also I found it strange that there are no flaslights of those you can power by twistingthe handle. These flashlights only emit light at the same time they are being twisted. If you stop it they turn of. So you could use it as an instant lights source that just flashes and goes away quickly

But anyway, there are more things other than just power generating stuff.
For example you could be able to find one broken domotic house. This is a robotic house controlled with your phone, voice or a control. You know, these houses with artifitial inteligence that can remotely close windows change the temperature and stuff like that at your will without having to touch those things.
Also I don’t know what you can do with hacking and computers and if this is already possible but it would be cool to be able to play games in your PC if you have battery. Not like you actually would play them but just show a text like “You lose some time mining some blocks.” and then your morale rises.

Also I don’t know if this already exists but what it you find an artificial inteligence? Not like it would be able to do much but it could be like another NPC that doesn’t move and asks you for some piece of software as a mission or something. Then it would open a door behind which there would be…

It could be interesting.

Or whatever, add the posibility to create a sonic screwdriver with which you could control robots or turn them off.

You know, pieces of technology to make us feel we are in the future.

-And lastl but not least: Mad Max stuff

I think you already can plae spikes on your mobile fortress. Like you could have a hell of a fortress with many electric motors that could step on zombies as if they were insects.
It would be cool to be able to make NPCs able to ride with you. TO FREAKIN HAVE A ROAMING GANG; THE CATACLYSM RAIDERS.

This game is awesome

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Sorry for being terse, an accident happened at my house.

Whales’s Cataclysm 2 is supposed to take place on an island, but it seems semi-abandoned.

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Hehe very cool, I’ll check it out next mornign, also good luck in your house!

Considering that the Plutonium Cells in game never seem to produce nuclear waste (Bright Nights notwithstanding), I’m assuming the nuclear reactors in game are really, REALLY efficient. I’ve been told that a lot of nuclear reactor designs are the same designs used 50 years ago.

Second, keep in mind that the most efficient Solar Panels today are 46% efficient. Said Solar Panels are used on things like the International Space Station where you need a lot of energy. You can only get so efficient with Solar Panels (I’m assuming the Quantum Solar Panel is around 60-90% efficient).

Third thing about future technologies: Oddly enough, there used to be a lot of futuristic stuff in the game that’s no longer there now. I’ve heard stuff about Plasma Engines (but this is poorly documented), and the Chezzo Item Browser has a few items that are no longer in the game like the Charge Rifle (not sure why it was removed) under the “Stable” tab. Also, for some reason, a mod that allowed you to convert Handguns to have a 3 shot burst was also removed (as if Handguns weren’t already bad enough!).

What I really want to see for future technology, however, is a Double Barrel Shotgun that accepts magazines.

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I mean, you have the DP-12, but I suppose that’s not magazine fed.

Thank you, I was looking for something like this for the Tabletop RPG I’m making. I mean, its not magazine fed, but for all purposes is what I was looking for.

This is a misunderstanding, the setting is “today, but with some miscellaneous scifi elements”. The setting isn’t “the future” and (outside of mods) the overall technology level of the game is where it is intended to be.

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It’s Today except DARPA was essentialy privitized and had no oversight. New technological achievments were made doing human experimentation on human subjects (desth row, and life with no parole criminals). Going straight to human trials let technology move forward faster because fzilures resulting in death were fine. Also I meant this as a general comment but I apparently replied to Kevin who already knows this. Whoops.

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Oh hahah then it’s cool. I mean at the beggining I thought it was nowadays. But then discovered all mutagens and bionics and got crazy.
That really makes things a lot funnier. What other game in the universe let’s you do absolutely everything you want in a realistic survival game. Even freakin mutating.

Also, who knows what experimental things are actually being created right now that we don’t know of. It is not really that strange to think that there are bionics in a world where dead people comes alive.

I didn’t know that. So cool

The setting is definitely in the 2040s, unless time travelers from the future brought about the apocalypse, and brought their reading material and firearms with them. Not the distant future, but not exacly alternate-history-present-day, either.

Accept Kevin gave of Word of God that it wasn’t. Though, this is pretty questionable statement to make because “The game takes place in the 2040s” its so widespread it is considered fact among the fanbase.

Kevin and God are both wrong.



You got me, it’s not remotely possible that someone mistakenly added inaccurate content, so this is definitive proof.

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I’ll fix those dates in my firearms comits tomorrow.

Too late, I did it already :slight_smile:

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I got the dates adjusted on the leadworks firearms added to my PR, since you missed those. I went with 2015 and 2017 between the two dates (since there were a 3-4 year difference). Apparently github contributors don’t read the forum since I got flak for the change.