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First of all I have to give a big thank you to everyone who works every day on this absolute masterpiece of a game. I have played roughly 70 hours in the last 2 weeks (being unemployed has its perks) and I finally have reached a point where I’m stuck in a rut. Start out as a commercial cyborg, whip up some clothes in the shelter, find enough food and water to live comfortably for a few ingame days then work on a vehicle. I understand that there is no ‘endgame’ technically but I’m lacking for exciting new adventures. Driving around snorting coke and shooting 120mm HEAT rounds at random things and eating a fetus here and there can be fun but as this community seems to be outlandishly creative and diverse what bizzaro fun crazy things would you recommend?

In game, you can do various npc missons and help their factions, you could explore labs for loot, explore the mutation chain and many other things, just explore.

Outside of the game you can contribute to the code by github, or make a mod (fairly simple) to add stuff to the game. I am sure you can find something fun.

Enable dynamic NPCs for your world and get assassinated
Try a new world, with harder settings (low zed evolution multiplier really spices things up)
Transfer your old character with the car into a hard world, try to survive. There are some guides floating around the forums on how to transfer. Wiki might have one too.

I usually have the most fun trying to optimize new characters, racing against zombie evolution. Once it reaches hulks and corrosive zeds, city raids become tough.

I play with 50 monster density and wander spawn, stealth is key.

Roleplay yourself, build a homemade tank, just survive regularly, or become a god of melee and ranged combat is what I usually go for.

Or you could do this.

Hmmm… I think I may have to give that a whirl. From the snippets I’ve seen of peoples coding and on the wiki I may actually be able to wrap my brain around it well enough to succeed in something rudimentary. Just off the top of my head I think it would be fun to make a corpse cannon that would fire meat and bones etc similar to a blunderbuss, and to take it one step further have a grinder on your vehicle that would hit zombies, butcher them, scoop up their bits and load them into the cannon ready to fire. Yes. This needs to happen. So many possibilities. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, keep them coming! :slight_smile:

If you are going the mod route, taking a few mods and reverse engineering them to see how stuff works is an easy way to get a hand of things.

Well I coded in a Gristlelicker meat cannon. Basically a blunderbuss that shoots bone, chitin, any sort of flesh. I think I covered all the bases in the proper .json files for the recipe for it, the ammo, recipes for ammo and handloading etc. I guess if it freezes on startup I’ll know I did something wrong ;D I was a bit hesitant after reading some of the posts in the modding section but the .json files themselves are very easy to understand and build off of. I’ll report back on its status. I hope that when it shoots it will splatter blood all over that would be great! XD

Start with lowest possible stats, no good traits, and with all the negative traits except maybe a few really annoying ones. Work your way up. I might allow Robust Genetics though.

I found that turning Wander Spawns (hordes) mode ON is a great way to insanely up the difficulty of the game, to a point where months of survival without hordes are nothing compared to surviving a few days with hordes turned on.

[ul][li]Landmines, turrets, collapsing houses and walls - a deathtrap for monsters without hordes, a deathtrap for you with hordes. The noise these make and the hordes they attract are mental. A landmine can get rid of an annoying critter but cause your base to be overrun in less than an in-game hour, forcing you to leave resources behind and run for your life. This proves to be a challenge early on, as every resource is important and carrying all of it on yourself is usually not an option.[/li]

[li]Setting up a permanent base - any slight noise gets your base overrun and as such building a permanent base is very difficult. Even if you do manage to find a quiet place to set up base at, hordes wander from place to place and the occasional zombie, with the way hordes work at the moment, can create a horde of its own and fuck you over.[/li]

[li]Early-game challenge - a horde can stand between you and the way to success, whether it’s a sporting goods store, a gun store, a lab or any other desired building. Even if you’re on the move and the hordes aren’t a danger to your own place, they do pose a huge threat to anybody trying to pass through them. That leaves you with 2 options: either leave the place alone (or come back later when the horde is gone, unless the noise it creates keeps it there) or go through it, endangering yourself and creating more noise that will attract more zombies to the area. There is also the certain scarcity in resources mentioned earlier, with hordes forcing you out of your loot stashes and out of building with valuable items in them.[/li][/ul]

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you should turn Experimental Z-Levels ON as well. This ensures that holing in underground doesn’t solve all your problems; with Z-Levels on, time isn’t frozen on different map layers and as such zombies can attract other zombies while staying underground and creating noise - basically a time-bomb waiting to explode into a horde in a form of constant 'whump’s and 'clang’s. Monsters also follow you downstairs instead of staying frozen waiting until you emerge again, prepared to deal with whatever they throw at you.

Roleplay a priest who has to cope with the dark days, build a big sanctuary / Cathedral ( I know there are already in the game, just your private one) and put there all relics and holy books you find.

Zombies following you across z-levels hasn’t worked in the experimental builds in some time… unless it’s been fixed in the last 3 weeks or so?

I was able to add the ‘Gristlelicker’ meat cannon in with a mod I whipped up. That was an exercise in ‘i cant code my way out of a wet paper bag’ but after getting a plethora of errors and finally wrapping my head around the basics of the syntax and structure I feel I’ve learned a lot and will continue to add more elements. Having the option to shoot a fetus out of my custom blunderbuss is a grimly hilarious addition. So many possibilities. Perhaps I will have to expand it out into a ‘Weaponized Fetus’ mod, including Fetal Grenades, Malevolent Fetus Mininukes, hell, the skies the limit. Man I love this game! XD

I recently tried a game with z-levels and after about a week of in-game time it just kept crashing no matter what I did. Hadnt experienced that without z-levels on. It was pretty hilarious when I went into a lab and could hear a mi-go running around shouting at the scientists from the level below. Whoever is responsible for the madness that is the mi-go I salute you.

Hordes is something I’ve been thinking about doing but holy geewhiz that sounds like madness. I finally got to a point where I dont feel like death is imminent 90% of the time! :wink: However that would give me infinite ammo for my Gristlelicker. Reason enough to try it I suppose. Right after I code in the mountable version of the meat cannon for those long journeys on the road. :slight_smile:

Wander spawn isn’t that difficult to play with now. Just keep noise down, move at night and make combat a last resort.

It can be somewhat problematic with a high spawn rate set. More zombies in cities makes it more likely for a bunch of zeds to blunder into cars and homes. Exploding vehicles and demolished houses equals massive hordes - though if you’re far enough from cities that sort of thing isn’t too problematic.

I only raid one building per night and bring at least one npc to assist me.

Might be worthwhile to give defense mode a try. The scenario that starts you in a bar against zombies and triffids is pretty fun IMO.

Might want to blacklist triffid hearts though (Since they just ruin the map layout from afar and can’t always be targeted due to distance)

Yeah, defense mode is cool. It lets you do constructions immediately so you can build traps and cool stuff for your base right away. Then see how long you can live.

The bar is the toughest challenge, the hospital oddly enough, is the easiest.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:5, topic:11156”]Roleplay yourself, build a homemade tank, just survive regularly, or become a god of melee and ranged combat is what I usually go for.

Or you could do this.[/quote]
This is old thing, its just exam if your character is powerfull of not

Try [glow=white,2,300]This.[/glow]

I’ve completely overhauled my world creation settings. Dropped item spawn to 1.5 from 2 and went with wander spawns and random npcs, zlevels, stats through skills. Feels like a totally different game. Even with npc spawns set to .66 they get annoying as they all seem to want to “just talk” and then rob me at the most inconvenient times. With hordes it feels like I’m learning to play all over again. Implementing all your suggestions has reinvigorated my gameplay. Thank you all :slight_smile: