How do the Tailor's Kit clothing mods work, coding wise?

I’ve been poring through the JSONS and don’t see how the Tailor’s Kit clothing mods work. There doesn’t seem to be a separate entry for clothing mods as opposed to, say, gun mods. Are the clothing mods hard coded with C++? Or am I missing something in, say, dummy items?

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You can see all the guts of the clothing mod system in my PR that Zhilkin linked, but also see for guide to current usage.

Also keep in mind you need to describe the clothing mod’s flag with an entry in; look for existing clothing mods in there.

Last but not least you have to add the clothing mod to the tool you want to be able to apply it. That’s in data/json/items/tool/tailoring.json. Look for the clothing_mods property on tailors_kit.

Once that’s all set up it should “just work”. But they’ll have a lot more features once I finish that PR and get it merged ^.^

Thank you both! Much appreciated!