Mod/Contribution Idea Feedback and Suggestions

I’ve been a long time on and off player of CDDA over the time i’ve dabbled with some modding here and there on my local copies, but getting back into the game I was hoping to maybe make something I could contribute or at least share with the community. Like many others, I thought of some cool awesome grand ideas that are probably bigger than I should take on. So I settled on something a little smaller to take on.

I was thinking of adding gelatin to the game.

I know it’s insignificant and questionably useful, but It’s something that seems surprisingly lacking from CDDA considering the size of its cooking recipe collection.

The game already has at least one recipe that requires gelatin and takes it into account at least in the background, aspic.

My plans were to add two new base items into the game, powdered gelatin and fresh gelatin.

Recipes where bones are boiled, broth and such, would yield a small amount of fresh gelatin as a byproduct. Commercially, gelatin is produced generally by soaking pig skin in dilute acid for 24 hours. I figure this recipe would derive larger yields.

Either way, fresh gelatin could then further be processed into powdered gelatin with a dehydrater, smoker, such tool or can be used directly to craft gelatin based recipes.

Gelatin has a variety of culinary uses beneficial nutritionally. It’s an item that isn’t vegan friendly but would be carnivore friendly. On top of the aspic recipes I was thinking at least consommé, gummy candies and gelatin desserts(jello), the latter of which could be made with any fruit or liquid flavouring. Gummy vitamins from multivitamins etc. Most of those I could see being mostly beneficial for adding joy.

It also has applications in the medical field, such as pill making which could be used in future drug recipes among other things.

And it’s used to make ballistics gel if anyone can think of a purpose for that, i was thinking maybe archery targets to train related skills?

So as far as feedback goes, is this something I should try and go for a mainline mod and submit a pr or should I just do it as a mod?

I know this probably seems pointless and unexciting, but little details like that that edge the line between too realistic and adding to immersion are part of the reason why I like cdda and it seems like something that could be added that is ‘relatively’ simple while adding something, even if small and pointless to the game. Though I guess, is this something people might see some small amount of value from?

Finally, can anyone think of any cool in game applications for an edible substance made from collagen extracted from either bones or flesh that can be set with water to form a substance that ranges in texture anywhere from jello to human flesh that I could add to this idea?


sounds like a good idea to me! work on it, make sure it works properly, then PR it. if it doesnt fit in, then you can still have it as a mod for people who want it

you could also make some ‘other’ types of desserts by mixing gelatin and globs of slime together?

you could also make some ‘other’ types of desserts by mixing gelatin and globs of slime together?

These kinds of suggestions are the kinda thing i was hoping for. I didn’t even think of gelatin/blob applications. That opens up a bunch of new things.

If you do go thru with making a PR to mainline this (and I think it is a good idea not just because I enjoy a good gelatin cup :slight_smile: ) I think you should also have a ready list of places where these items should spawn naturally. That would go a long way to help include your new items.

Examples: Gelatin powders in supermarkets or convenience stores. Pre-made gelatin desserts in fridges. Sealed cups of gelatin snacks in stores or fridges. Etc.

Creation of collagen in creating a vitamin is a possibility. Collagen by itself is often thought of as a supplement.

The basis of creating beauty products and skin cremes to affect comeliness.

And yes, who doesn’t love blob jello? I agree to try a PR and if that doesn’t pan out, go for the mod option.

Just thought i’d update. Don’t like starting a thread then disappearing.

Been working on this the last couple days. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. So far, added the base gelatin items and recipes described in the op. Currently, gelatin from hide requires the fermenting vat. This seems like a hackish work around…not sure if it’s the best way but it’s the only way I could find to have something sit for a period of time and have changes passively occur.

The solution is then strained to recover the gelatin and acid. Butchery refuse is produced as a byproduct. That recipe uses the colander…that seems like maybe not the best item, but I couldn’t really figure out which would be the best item for straining a mixture.

Added 4 flavours of gelatin dessert powder and premade cups and added them and gelatin powder to dry good and fridge item groups respectively. Added gummy candies and added to candy item groups.

Modified aspic recipes to use gelatin, modified bone broth recipe to produce fresh gelatin as a byproduct.

Created recipes for most of the items.

ETA: Didn’t think it was worth adding a new response but if anyone’s curious this was recently merged into 0.F-dev


Look into how recipes like fermenting sauerkraut or curing hide work, wherein you do the initial work to get them started and that work yields an item that can be activated after a predetermined amount of time in order to yield the final result.