Thinking of doing a mod that adds "ethnic" foods to grocery stores, recipies, any interested?

This will add item/recipie bloat to the game
Maybe add in an “ethnic” food store too, (ethnic for the New England area) just to add a little home flavor for those not in the US.
Who would like a taste of home in the game? The weather may not be the same but coming home making a bowel of pad thai noodles after a long day of zombie killing, mm, mmmm comfort food.
Doesn’t matter if it is lore appropriate or not cause it will be a mod.
Foods items like clamato, tapatio/valentinia, tamarind paste, vegemite and recipes that might include such items.
Looking for feed back on what items to add, and possible recipes for them to be used in.


Why add a mod? Add this to the base game. Don’t worry about bloat, we aren’t in particular need of space in the JSONs.


I feel it is best to start this sort of stuff as a mod to see how it works, also tried github in the past didn’t understand the posting methods off the go, and the elitist atmosphere at the time of, it isn’t right fix it, with no indication of what wasn’t right or what needed be fixed/how to fix it, turned me off of that so starting as a mod it is.

If you are talking about that dried fruits PR, that is not true - it had multiple comments with advices and suggestions. You can have difficulties working with git, but you can’t says nobody helped you there.