Mod and content ideas

Hi i dont know how to make mods but I have ideas for them. Anybody else who has ideas post them here. Someone might use them one day. Tile set ideas and sound pack ideas are welcome too. Also content ideas for things to be coded into the game.

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Here is an idea. A clean up squad that are enemies that are trying to stop information or people from getting out and stopping people from getting in. Monsters attack them. They will attack you and monsters.

Here is an idea. Tameable monsters. Certain monsters you can tame and they will fight for you and help you. Also some you can ride. Also you can command them to do things.

Idea. Self cannibalism idea. Need food or something. Just eat one of your fingers or toes. However this is not a good idea as it hurts you and also is bad for you. It would be a last resort. By the way dont take this seriously. Its an idea but not a good one.

You mean, NPCs and horses? Dinomod already provides more mountable creatures, namely dinosaurs.
You can also befriend cats, dogs and other critters such as birds but I am not sure what commands you can give to them.

aftershock not forcing the bionic_slots mod. i mean the mod exists separately for a reason, why force players?. Debug_installation works, but it also removes anesthesia requirements and sets the failure rate to 0. :confused:

dino mod is kinda like that