My idea for a mod

Basically makes all animals be able to be tamed You can do want ya want with the idea but I think it would be cool to have a pet bear

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I support this idea. How awesome wouldn’t it be to have a pet bear? Shred zeds to pieces! :smiley:

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This is actually easy to do. You just need to add one of flags that let you tame animals (“CATFOOD”, “DOGFOOD”, “BIRDFOOD” or “CATTLEFODDER” depending on what you want to use to tame them) to the monsters JSON entry.

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Oh I didn’t know it would be that easy tbh

I’m going to try to make a edit that adds baby giant bullfrogs

Me and the boys

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I’ve got 2 mods for ya… Crazy Pets and Tame bugs. Lemme just zip em up and you can look them over.

edit: Crazy pets makes some of the stupider robots mountable. Tame bugs does like it says. I haven’t done any testing to see if these actually work, but I know they load with no errors.

Do you know how I would add a tile for a creature?

Not my forte. YOu could ask over in the dead people thread…[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset

My solution for monsters with no graphics is the looks like tag.

Ah ok that actually is just what I need

It’s super handy if you lack graphic editing skills/applications/initiative.

So how would I use it like, LOOKS_LIKE: example animal /thing or how

"id": "hammer_of_doom",
"type": "generic",
"name": "Doombell Hammer",
"description": "A massive hammer, used to ring the Doom Bell of Castle Heterodyne.  In a pinch, it can also be used to destroy absolutely anything.",
"looks_like": "mjolnir"

If you find the Doombell Hammer and you’re using a tileset that does not have an image for it, it will use the image for mjolnir instead. If the tileset doesn’t have an image for mjolnir, it will check mjolnir’s looks_like (which is, or should be, sledgehammer) and use the image for sledgehammer. It will keep repeating the process of checking looks_likes until it finds an image or reaches an item that doesn’t have a looks_like field.


Thank you so much I hope ya know you helped a teen learn how to suck a little less at coding

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I have created a creature that looks like a sproglodyte but is much stronger and is neutral unless your weak /hurt it cool, am I right. So basically I made a feral child that likes dog food

does that mean i can use the code to any items in a mod to have a sprite? thank you in advance.

Can confirm, looks like field is very useful

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the looks_like field lets you give any vehicle part, item, furniture, terrain, or monster a sprite that looks like something else already in the tileset. So yes, I guess?

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awesomeness. gonna get some C. R. I. T. clothes on!