My random mod ideas i need help with

I need help with figuring out the code for a few mod ideas i had mainly revolving around the idea of a base that dosent need outside input aka the ultimate survival shelter. Heres a list of them with breif explanations remember these mostly will be very endgame.

  1. Automation:
    Im sure people have talked about this before but is there a way to pick up items throw them in a pipe and transport them to a chest (you could even have auto sorting) or maybe an auto harvester you could have it run on the vehicle system and it would work amazingly.
  2. Ant Farming with room for expansion
    Connecting with the automation i would like to create a gun which shoots syringes similar to a tranquilizer accept inside is a highly lategame serum which contains a mutation that if you shot it into an ant queen would make it friendly and only lay eggs not turn them into worker ants or shivers soldier ants. this would mean a very powerful very expensive late game farm which i would like to create.
  3. Hydroponics
    High cost high energy farms that can grow underground if you make an updated version also extremely expensive and requires tanks of liquid fertilizer then you could grow plants in half of the time (needs balancing) this would be useful for self sufficient farms
  4. Animal breeding
    self explanatory (8===> + (’) = Baby = grownup = more babies + food) this would be very useful in producing a food source
  5. A basement for the refugee camp
    Self explanatory
  6. The ability to create your own town and have an oasis in the apocalypse
  7. Research
    Have the ability to research the new apocalypse creatures do genetic engineering to create your own guards and GECs make new mutations a research system would add a huge amount to the game as a way to do new things with the creatures and effects of the apocalypse

If you have gotten to the end i applaud you and if anyone finds these ideas intresting and wants to help just shoot me a message and we can work together on this

All of those sound like really big modifications. As in, you’d have to change a lot of stuff to get it to work.

The simplest of those is #5 - the basement. It isn’t easy, but other ideas on the list are harder. It is the only one you could add without compiling the game from source code.

You have to first define the new terrain in data/json/overmap_terrain.json. Copy the existing entries for refugee center, then modify them (change names).
Then you’d have to add them to data/json/overmap_specials.json. Find the refugee center there (named evac center) and modify it so that it references the entries from above. The big block with lines starting with “point” is the part you’d want to modify.
Then finally you’d have to define those entries. You could copy and modify the files in data/json/mapgen. LMOE shelter is a good example, because it has both aboveground and underground levels.

Another one that would be relatively doable is #2 - the ant tranquilizer. This time you would need the source code of the game and means to compile it.

You’d have to define a new item use function in iuse.cpp and make it get properly added to items in item_factory.cpp. In this function, you would ask the player for adjacent tile, check if this tile contains an ant queen and make the queen friendly if she exists.

Ive tried this before i just made a freindly ant queen using cheats but apparently the way they coded it egg laying is an attack? so if i make it friendly it doesn’t lay eggs i was thinking a new mob entirely which replaces the ant queen that gets hit which lays eggs but doesn’t turn them into ants

It would be easier to make the queen not raise the eggs if it has an effect.
You’d have to create the effect in effects.json, make the tranquilizer apply it and then check for this effect in monattack.cpp in ant_queen function.

so i did automate ants by accident without changing code and now my char has like 1500 ant eggs xD