Missing scenarios?

I accidentally asked about this in the library, but most of the scenarios for me are missing. Like convict, lab escape, fled the riots etc. I think it may be an isolated issue to me but I’m not sure.

They are still here, as far as I can tell (tiles experimental build 0.E-10527 on Windows 64 bit). But depending on what version you used before the update, they may have new names…
“Convict” is Prison
“lab escape” is Challenge - Lab Patient
“fled the riots” - no idea… check the descriptions if you remember it
“wizards apprentice” (mentioned on deleted post) is only available if you turn on the Magiclysm mod at world generation (or add it in afterwards), then you should find The Wizard’s Apprentice at the bottom of the list (if sorted by points)

I count 26 scenarios (+3 from the Magiclysm mod). If you have substantially less than that, tell us on which version you’re playing and what mods you’re running, and we work from there.

Edit: Just compared a really old version of the game (0.C-6599) to the newest experimental. “Fled the Riots” is gone for good it seems.
Not sure if there’s a mod that adds it back in, so just in case, here it is if you want to add it back in (it should work, but I have not testet it, so… use at own risk):

Fled the Riots Scenario
    "type": "scenario",
    "ident": "riot_cop",
    "name": "Fled the Riots",
    "points": -3,
    "description": "You were assigned to the last of the real riots; one of the last to flee when the rioters stopped breathing but kept moving.",
    "start_name": "Public Holdout",
    "allowed_locs": [
    "flags": [ "SUR_START" ]
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0.E-646-g00eebfe (tiles) Was the version I was using. This is weird, literally just a moment ago I created a standard world with no mods just to see. Some scenarios came back so I thought it was a mod issue. I copied the world settings with all my mods, and just like that all the scenarios that were missing were there again. I don’t know why that happened. Thank you for your help though. I think my version was just bugged

Huh, weird.
But I’m glad you got it working again.