Removal and changes to item spawns and scenarios

This is minor griping it is not a huge deal to me

I have been noticing many scenarios getting moved around or removed entirely in experimental.
Is there a reason behind it or is it an attempt to remove clutter?

Specific nitpicks include: (but are not limited to because I am a sucker for variety)

Build 9600
Wasteland cyborg removed from next summer start in build (not cyberpunk?)
The last gig and bunker evacuee removed as starting scenarios

Whichever update removed the golfer spawn

As for items, I looked back in and understood the update better so derp on me,
But since the makeshift flamethrower got removed (thankfully because the craft made no sense) I was wondering when another with a more reasonable craft would be added?

Makeshift flamethrower will get a new, sensible recipe as soon as someone who cares submits a new, sensible recipe.

Refer to the Guide for 1st time contributors if you want to help out.

Then make a new sensible recipe I shall, only because Ive messed with code before on my end just not on the git, so heck, Ill learn.
Spawns and scenarios seem like big boy stuff though.

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If you can handle creating a recipe, you should have no issues with creating/editing a scenario. If you need any information, feel free to ask here or on the discord.

That’s really lame of you Kevin, editing peoples messages to push your own agenda is really fucked up. FYI my link to the original fan discord was removed. Message me if you’d like a link.

I really need to add the details on creating scenarios if I haven’t already; they’re not that hard but that have some nuance.

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