Certain scenarios missing

I’m not to sure if this was just a recent update or not, but I seem to have a ton of scenario’s missing. The one’s I no longer have available are:

  • Apartment Rooftop
  • Assault of Precinct Z
  • At the Zoo
  • Camping
  • Fled the Riots
  • Mall Cop
  • Out Golfing
  • Out of Town
  • School
  • The Last Firefighter

Is this something only I am experiencing, or was the scenario list heavily changed?

The scenario layout was reworked. For example, ‘out of town’ is now the ‘safe place’ or whatever scenario. From the end-screen, where your name is, you can toggle your location with either back or forward slash, I don’t remember which. This includes the cabin, the farm, the hermit shack, etc. which was previously the ‘out of town’ locations.

I dislike this merging, as it makes the starting dialogue much more vague and less story-telling.


I m not a fan either, but the point was to make the starting scenarios more flexible. You just have to make the backstory yourself now ^^

It might be mod related and you have some missing scenario expansions.
However I have noticed the same missing content now that you mention it.