Where to DL these scenarios from Youtube LP's?


I’m watching two Let’s Plays by Youtubers using scenarios I cannot find anywhere in the list, not even with every possible (included) scenario mod enabled. Where can I download these?

  1. The Silo Challenge scenario, used by Sabouts in his playthrough titled ‘Silo Challenge’ :smiley:
  2. The mutant experiment starting in a lab (used by Rycon Roleplays in the Twin playthrough) - must be a separate scenario because experiments start in a forest by default, not in a lab.

I’d be interested to hear about other downloadable and not already included scenario mods as well.


Not sure about the other two but rycon is definitely doing the lab challenge, I’m not remembering fully on if that’s its exact name but it’s something like that.

Oh right! I didn’t realize the lab challenge lets you start as a mutant. Doh. Now I feel silly.

Still interested in the silo challenge and any other unique downloadable scenarios!

Well prepare to feel even sillier because the Sabouts playthrough is an unmodified “Sheltered” start.

Well, he talked about it as if it was a special scenario someone suggested to him. I (much) later realized he plays with certain self-imposed rules and win conditions that aren’t actually coded in. But as a complete newb to Cataclysm DDA, he confused me. So I don’t feel TOO silly about that one. :slight_smile:

Thanks, though!