Misplaced indicator on UndeadPeople Tileset

Hi. I`ve got a bug - misplased status indicators, so now they are kinda on the head of the pc, not above it. Anybody knows how it could be fixed? Or which mod could cause the issue?

also it would be great to learn where should i look for the indicator files. This way I could at least disable the trouble-causing mod.

Do you have the latest version of your tileset? Get it directly from the mod author Github, don’t install it from the launcher.

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Yes, I have the latest one version of the tileset. Thanks for your reply.
UPD. And yes, I’ve got it from author`s Github.

There are no tileset support in the launcher.

Thanks to Kenan2000’s reply on GitHub, I’ve figured out that problem was caused by MSX mods. I’ve disabled them and bugs these bugs are gone.

I’m surprised the only issue you are having is this, considering how many conflicting, obsolete, and broken mods you have on.

Oh, I had a few more bugs, of course. I’ve been using desert mod for quite a while and removed it from the current world(as I did with MSX and indicators). And it became quite stable and vivid. But yeah, the broken indicator were the most annoying thing of the playthrough :wink: