Help using Undeadpeople with mods?

The readme for the undeadpeople tileset says that it no longer directly supports mod sprites, and thus they have to be enabled separately by the user. The readme says to do this by “enable mods with the same name as mod what are you going to use plus ‘- UndeadPeople Tileset’ in it’s name under ‘graphical’ category” but this is unhelpful and doesn’t really mean anything to me, as there are no mods that have names ending in “undead people tileset” anywhere. How exactly do you enable graphics for mod content?

I guess you download the part of the tileset for the mod, put it in the mod folder and enable it when you create a world like you would a regular mod.

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@Mega_Glub currently thanks to most recent updates - UDP tileset files (.png ones along with mod_tileset.json) have all been placed inside of mods in both my ( and @TheGoatgod 's modpacks (, most of the mods have built-in support for UDP and UlticaShell/MSX tileset - the only thing you have to do is to install the mods from the modpack and enable respective tileset via options, in the case of UlticaShell/MSX tileset - it is officially mainlined and you just have to enable it via options - the UDP tileset you can download via SDG’s official repository :slightly_smiling_face:

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When installing a set of UndeadPeople tiles, its files have a “Mods” folder with tiles for mods. How do I get the mod to use them? Provided that I’m on the stable version

I think that’s what the “legacy” tileset’s for.

But you can give this other method a try:

The files in the “mods” folder of the tileset are basically treated as a mod on their own.
Move the ones you want to use into the data/mods folder and activate them at world generation.