My question I another thread us buried under intense nail board discussions, so I decided to ask here. So I happen to stumble upon two atomic tanks, some had plutonium cells and both have minireactors in green shape. Can someone please tell me how the goddamn thing works and what is the plutonium cell consumption? I mean is 5 cells a lot? Or… ?

I think the main reason you aren’t getting any replies isn’t that no one saw the question, but that practically no one has ever used the damn things. IIRC, they were completely broken for the better part of a year, and hardly anyone noticed, because of how rare they are and there being so many better power sources that don’t require the use of valuable plutonium cells, which are much better used elsewhere.

I really don’t have much up to date info on them myself, but if you’re looking for answers fast I’d recommend making a test world, and experimenting with them yourself using the debug menu.

In terms of the value of 5 plutonium cells, that’s the most common stack size you find cells in, often as a rare drop from manhacks. Cheesing the game aside, you can generally expect to find maybe 15-30 of them in a single lab (though one very rare variant can potentially give you hundreds). You could consider yourself reasonably lucky to find maybe 100 of them per ingame year.

Here’s what I recall. Not sure if this is the answer you’re looking for, so I didn’t answer.

So, found an atomic sports car. I think it has one minireactor and one storage battery.

Five plutonium cells gave the minireactor 25% power.

Activating the minireactor generates a ton of battery power for the storage battery. Like 4% puts the storage battery from 0 to 100%. You can then shut off the minireactor for later use.

Personally, one single minireactor is pretty nice. Very helpful if you forget to shut off the floodlights and security cameras in your car. Plutonium isn’t that hard to find; one cell for power storage mark 1s, and two on mark 2s. You just need a soldering iron and some shocker zombies and similar creatures to kill.

Okay, thanks. That’s definitely good info!

Is it possible to get radiation sickness from them if they are damaged?

I found an atomic sports car with a healthy one, but left a slightly damaged one by a vehicle with my stuff in it while I was looting that I had found earlier… I’ve been throwing up near the area I left the damaged one now, but it might have been from something else before I got back, because I had been nauseous a little while before that as well. My NPC companions aren’t complaining of sickness either.

Nope. Tried it, damaged a minireactor, one without plutonium cells loaded and another with plutonium cells. Carried each one in the inventory and used a geiger counter to scan. No radiation.

Compared to the atomic lamp. When damaged, the text of their name is colored green, and they do leak radiation according to the geiger counter.

OK thanks, that’s good to know, and thought the nausea might be from something else. I took an antibiotic and antifungal just to be sure and think I’m fine now.

Plutonium will radiate you to hell if youre holding it and its damaged

I tried to damage plutonium cells (for radiogenic) and never was able to. They all were either there and undamaged, or completely destroyed.

I had to make an atomic lamp, put it down, and shoot it with a gun.

I think I ate something bad that caused me to barf, maybe lard when I was trying to eat some aspic. I don’t think I have any broken plutonium cells. I am going to make something to detect radiation, my last character found a wrist type of detector that was battery powered and caused no encumbrance, I should probably have something like that around to check when I might be exposed.

[quote=“Chezzo, post:9, topic:13773”]I tried to damage plutonium cells (for radiogenic) and never was able to. They all were either there and undamaged, or completely destroyed.

I had to make an atomic lamp, put it down, and shoot it with a gun.[/quote]

fellow rad-lover, i feel your pain, i’d hoped as well either the reactor, the cells, or the lamp might be an easy source of slow and steady always on radiation, but yeah, have to get creative.

just my luck the item of power i found that provides free rads also provides periodic damage, heh.

The minireactor in my game seems one of the things that can duplicate things. Ex: found a mini with 10% cells. Unreload em while holding the mini. You’ll get infinity 10%. Another one is reloading them with like 50 cells and you’ll get full mini, unreload and you’ll get 10000 cells. What a bug.