Mi-go regenerating health extremely quickly?

So I just ran into a mi-go and shot 5 well aimed glock bullets into the thing which caused it to be heavily wounded and flee. Usually whenever I shoot a mi-go they just simply run away but this one came back for round 2 almost immediately after running just 5 tiles. So I stabbed it a few times with a pitchfork and it ran away again, but almost immediately returned yet again. This time I hovered my cursor over it and somehow it had healed all the way back to “lightly injured”

Is this a bug? I don’t remember mi-go ever having the ability to heal (and so quickly!), and checking the wiki it doesn’t say anything about health regeneration.
Now one of my arms are broken and its still alive…

As for the current version, I can’t find anything in the data/json/monsters/mi-go.json file that would indicate that mi-gos could or should heal. Also, the file wasn’t changed since the 6. of march.

Version? Mods? Are you sure that it’s just a normal mi-go? Are you sure it was heavily wounded and actually the same mi-go (maybe you were in a forest and a healthy one just run up to you or something)? Were there any “You see the mi-go heal” messages?

I’m using the latest experimental version. its just a normal mi-go, there’s no other title like “slaver” or such.
Plus I never saw the thing go off the screen. Checking the text logs there were no messages about healing, just damage.

Tested against the newest experimental (build #10590), no mods (since you did not mention any, I must assume you don’t have any active). I tried to recreate it as accurately as possible. Shooting with a Glock 19 and default ammunition, stabbing with a pitchfork, waiting for it to heal, let it run away…
Sadly, I was unable to reproduce this bug; the mi-go never healed.