Window and curtain issues

I’m in one of the newer houses, its a wooden house that appears unfinished, no furnishings or curtains on the windows and the windows don’t open. I am attempting to build curtains on the windows but it won’t let me, is this a bug or are they the wrong type of window?

Latest version

You’ve got Fabrication 2, a hammer, a wood saw, 4 nails, 2 sheets, 1 heavy stick, and a long string and your survivor is standing next to the window on the inside? Those seem to be the requirements.

Can you screenshot the construction menu where it isn’t letting you do it?

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Yea, I have all those things. Gimme a bit and I’ll have some screen shots for ya.

It is listing the window as just a window and not a window with out curtains. But I can’t open or close the window and there appear to be no curtains.

And if you hit return and indicate one of the three windows you’re adjacent to, nothing happens?

As a possible work-around, move 2 tiles N and try again so there’s only one window to deal with. It’s possible that something is confusing the construction code, and it’s displaying an option for a window that you’re adjacent to but not the window you end up selecting.

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There are certain windows in game that just don’t open. For some reason this also means you can’t add curtains to them. Your best bet is to just board them up

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Yea I tried Mlangs suggestion and it still didn’t work. So I deconstructed it and built it my self which gave me a “window without curtains” and I was able to add curtains to that.

Seems like a weird in between window that probably should not exist.