MERGED. Experimental builds with improved gun accuracy. Updated: 11.05.2018


You mean add new firing mode? Thins like that should go into mainline first. I think no one will stop that kind of PR.

  • Added cmd script to restore default ingame font. Some people do not like my font. So there is easy way to set default font settings now. Just run “Resotre default font.cmd” and press any key.
  • Synced with main repository.

Also I forgot again to change version tag ingame. It reports 13.04.2018. In fact it is today version (14.04.2018).

  • Synced with main repository.
  • Added RRFSounds soundpack to bundle.


Messy… but I’ll take it. Thanks, Firestorm.


Would this work with firearm mods?


The change is to the code, not a json, so yes.

Firestorm_01, I’ve been crashing pretty frequently, but that might be my system, the current experimental, or some other factor, I’m not sure. I came back from a long hiatus to try your Fork.


If you have crashes then please send me your config/debug.log. Also it is better to check you have same crashes on vanilla game. My changes related only to dispersion calculation. So it should not crash you game.


As I mentioned before - it is compatible with everything that works with original game. Even with LUA mods.

  • Synced with main repository.

There will be no updates for next 6 days. Do not forget that save games from this fork are fully compatible with vanilla (and vice-versa) so you can continue to play with vanilla. Later you can come back.

  • Synced with main repository.


@Firestorm_01 may I ask why it’s 210 MB compared to core’s ~63 MB?


Because of this:

  • Bundled with custom square fonts (ASCII players may like this).
  • Bundled with ChestHole and RRFSounds sountdracks.

I am already thinking that it will be good idea to provide “clear” version also.


Better version of this rebalance was merged to main repository. So future updates are not needed.