Improved firearm accuracy mod

Imagine what if experienced character in cataclysm could be able to reliable hit target on 30 tiles with sniper rifle. Now you can stop imagine this. Let me introduce new small mod.

Mod features:

  • This mod significantly incrased accuracy of ranged wepon based on player marksmanship and gun skill;
  • Now expirinced player can actually shoot and hit long range targets reliable;
  • Mod uses same effect as Targteting CBM but scales based on player character skills;
  • Targeting CBM gives addtitonal bonus to accuracy with this mod;
  • Original system still in place, mod just modifies it by scaling dipersion;
  • At marknmanship 3 and gun skill 3 player character get same bonus as if he has Bionic targeting. At marknmanship 6 and gun skill 6 as plater get twice effect.
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I made a more detailed comment on the pull request, but you’ve not created a mod, you’ve forked the code essentially. But it’s not a bad solution from what I can tell on overhauling firearms.

I would use this as a stopgap. It’s much better than the clumsy json hack I’ve been using. I wouldn’t call it a full solution, though, since it still doesn’t account for the crazy impact of encumbrance on accuracy.

@kevin.granade is this a viable solution to the firearms accuracy debate? Or at least as @Aluminumfoil said, a stop-gap until more solid framework is in place?

Actually on top skill levels with that mod influence of skill on accuracy became so it should overcomes encumbrance and even your stats.

Does this mod remove the Dispersion Floor of 45?

Looking at his code: no

You see. Basically it is. :wink:
Mod bypasses that limit. Final dispersion may be lower than 45. And will be at high skill level and good gun. Even if you get 45 from gun this value will be divided.
I tried to limit bonus with dispersion of 45, but overall accuracy was way to low. So I removed limiter from my code.

So you can eventually hit a target with 110% accuracy from 30 tiles away? If so, that’s amazing. But frankly not too unrealistic, since if you truly are an expert why couldn’t you do that?
My main concern with this, is will it work with the cataclysm launcher I have? Can I install it into the launcher itself somehow, and it won’t break with my automatic downloads of new versions?
Out of personal experience, I can usually be decent at hitting enemies as long as they aren’t too far away. But by that time I tend to need to really soon switch to melee, which sucks for obvious reasons.
Can you add something to this that minority reduces accuracy penalty with high encumbrance on melee? I can’t help but feel it goes up far too fast. What’s the point of good armor if you can’t kill anything, so that they stop hitting you in the first place?

It’s a hard coded commit. If accepted, it goes into the main source code for the entire game, and the mod get’s packaged with the download, so every time you download the nest experimental, it’ll also download the json for the mod. Code review has asked for some polish on the modinfo.json file, but hasn’t outright said no.

What does that all mean?
I’m only intelligence 6…

On high skills (9-10) level you accuracy will so hight that you probably may forget about encumbrance penalty. It still affects you accuracy by skill should overthelm it.

It means that you need to wait approveement of pull request. JSON only is not enough. Important things buried in game inself. Mod just activates it. After that just update.

Basically what Firestorm said. If this mod is accepted, it becomes part of the base game, as an enable-able mod, much like the nutrition and filthy clothing mods that we mentioned up above. So it’ll always be present in the code.

Given that it was closed this won’t go to the main line, so this will have problems with automatic updates from the launcher then? and how does one install this, does one just overwrite their cataclysm directory with this?

This means you didn’t get it at all. That is it.

Oh, I didn’t pay attention sorry, I thought it might be something like Coolthulu’s fork or something, sorry for the stupid question.

Well, don’t worry. Sad that Coolthulhu leaved development for now. So there is no update of his fork.

Not sure about game balance, but from IRL experience, arm encumbrance doesn’t effect accuracy at all if you are taking your time. IRL arm encumbrance only hurts aim if you are walking and shooting (that is, not using a bipod). Head/face/eye encumbrance, on the other hand, makes it kinda hard to look through the scope.

Can also confirm that arm encumbrance doesn’t really affect firearm shooting ability with most modern firearms, or at least mil-spec ones. Our combat load out wasn’t exactly free to move around in depending on what all you had strapped where. Then again, I was also only a wrench turner and only had to go through combat training during hell week, so combat vets might want to chime in here.