MERGED. Experimental builds with improved gun accuracy. Updated: 11.05.2018

  • Synced witm main repository today.
  • Also changed showcase screenshots since I capped endgame bonus. With maximum skills weapon in your hands will be 66% accurate without bionic targeting CBM and 76% with bionic targeting. Before cap maximum bonus was around 83%.


  • Reduced minimum gun dispersion to 5 from 45. There is no point to limit gun accauracy here. Gun mods should be more useful now since there is almost no limiter to gun accuracy anymore.
  • Synced with main repository.


Does this affect accuracy with bows?


Well yeah. They count as guns as far as the game is concerned.

  • Increased bonus to accuracy at skill levels lower than 6. At the same time bonus after 6 lowered.
  • Now each Marksmanship skill and gun skill gives 10% more accuracy instead of 8%. But if your skill levels higher than 6 then you get 4% per Marksmaship and accruacy lelvel.
  • Increased bonus from Targeting CBM
  • Realaxed max threshold for bonus at max skill levels.

Overall your accuracy bonus should imrpoves faster with inreasing skills.
And now bionic sniper gets 30 tiles of even chance to hit right of the box.


Yes. it is affects bows.


Added video showcase. It illustrates current problems in original game and at the same time demonstrates mod changes.


Watch out. Reported that StatsThroughSkills not working correcly with my build. It is confirmed. So mods with lua contents may not work properly. I have to look into it.

  • Game built using MXE under linux. So now we have fancy Catalysm icon and do not have extra dlls lying around (like SDL2.dll). Also it may improve performance a bit (I feel that MXE builds slightly faster than Visual Studion builds).
  • This fixed LUA. StatsThroughSkills works now.
  • Now game built just like on original repository (I suppose).
  • Synced with main repository.

Game reports version 8.04.2018. Ignore that. It is 9.04.2018. I’ve forgot to change that.


What about the full auto weapons? does it still suddenly reach on a high recoil after you kill enemy?

I mean, you can’t kill anything while you using M134, the bullet just shooting all over the place.


I didn’t change burst recoild calculation but knowing the fact that your weapon overall will be more accurate it theoretically should help. You are more accurate on distance - so all of your shots will be even in account of burst dispersion.

I’ve test M4A1 on full auto with Marmsnship 10 And Rifles 10. On 15 tiles you hit 3-5 shots - other going wild. It is not acievable on vanilla balance.

Do not forget that gun skill (like Rifles) helps you to “delay” burst recoil.


Latest build has strange tile issues with some tilesets (black lines on some tiles). Like MshockXotto+. At the some tilestets works fine. Like Chesthole.


Re: Minigun. The minigun could get a lower 50 fire rate in addition to the current 100 fire rate.

Here, add this:

“modes”: [
[ “DEFAULT”, “low auto”, 50 ],
[ “AUTO”, “high auto”, 100 ]


Affected Tilesets:

Other tilesets works fine without “black lines” issue.


I use mshock32modded and have noticed and tried to address the black lines with troubleshooting unsuccessfully. Is this something you are going to try to fix and release a new version of your fix that works with these tilesets in the next few days? If so i could just use another tileset for now and wait. When you say the most recent release do you mean only that one or the last few releases. If i opted to use the release from the 8th would i miss out on anything besides the minor performance increase and lua functionality for mods? I don’t use statsthroughskills but would not having lua functionality break any other core game features or mods that are part of the game package?

Here is my modlist in case there are others you know of that lacking lua functionality would break:

Ignore the last one, it is a personal mod i made a long time ago to disable slimepits and remove the triffid queens plant generating special attack.

  • Synced with main repostiory.
  • Current build may have some graphical issues with that tilesets:

Use Chesthole or other tilesets for now.


I still have to look into it. Current builds have funtional LUA and have smoother performance.
In fact now I build game just like original build server does. But that black lines. Looks like devs don’t know why this is happening. They encountered it already but somehow it “went away by itself”.

I still can try change my build environment to make it closer to offical. Like using older build tool (MXE). It may help.

Yes, for now just use other tilesets. Better performance and funtional LUA are important.

I’ve opened issue already:

It is obviosly not connected to my changes.

  • Resolved tilesets issue. Specific version of MXE (from September of 2017) solves the issue. Graphical issues with tilesets should be resolved now.


No need for compromises anymore. Tiles issue resolved. Just grab new version.