Medical items that cataclysm lacks

So my guy got the flu, I got a stockpile of cough syrup for occasions like this but the other symptoms are what I can’t medicine away. I’ve compiled a small list of medicinal effects that cataclysm currently doesn’t have which we have in the real world which would be very handy dandy to have on hand for every survivor. Due to every country having different products from some of them I’m not going to name specific intakes.

  1. Something that takes away the feeling of nausea but doesn’t prevent you from throwing up. This would mainly be a preventative to nausea’s mood debuff.
  2. Something that stops you from throwing up but makes you feel worse. You only feel worse due to wanting to throw up but not being able to, so you’re in this constant nausic cycle. At least you keep your food down.
  3. Something that makes you throw up. This’ll only be effective for counteracting food poisoning if the food that gave you the poisoning is still in your stomach and is subsequently spewed, otherwise you’re just making yourself feel bad.
  4. Some sort of universal anti-venom. Due to how anti-venoms work in the real world this would likely just end up lessening the time that the venom acts on the player. I also think that venoms and poisons are currently just minor annoyances, which if you took into account the amount of venom a giant rattlesnake or spider would inject into a person there really isn’t any way you’re just walking it off. I don’t know if it’s doable but limbs that get injected with venom would be able to be tied off to lessen the speed at which the venom spreads through your body. Perhaps the infected code could be borrowed for this in a similar effect where you need a short rope or rags to tie off a limb and prevent the venom from spreading too quickly until you can find or whip up something that helps you with it.
  5. A limb cast which will encumber you more than the splints and will slow you down, but it’ll be more sturdy than the splints should you find yourself in combat and would aid in limb recovery a slight bit more than splints. You’ll probably not be able to take them off until done. Materials found for casts would probably be in hospitals, mostly because I don’t think a survivor without the proper machines would be able to make fiberglass for use in the external encasement of the cast. A limb brace made from metal and plastic would also be a higher grade and supremely more durable form of splints.

One or two of these I could probably make something out of if I find the time but I know the anti-venom one will probably require c++ which is out of my range of experience.

Isn’t the thing about venomous spiders at least is that the bigger they get the more diluted there poison becomes?

I think that’s snakes… even so one can only imagine what a quarter to a full liter or so of venom could do to the body.

As a side note: The size of the acid ant does not seem to have diluted the acidity of the acid ant’s acid, which I presume is a turbo-charged formic acid discharge reflex that has leaked into the fluid systems of the ants to allow the blood itself to also be acidic, which really isn’t harmful unless in insane quantities, which the ants now have.

Narcan would be nice to have for those times where you accidentally assume you can take Oxycontin like it’s aspirin. Not that I did that recently or anything…


Oral care like toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss. Could be used for boosting morale, possibly a bonus to speech. Mouthwash could work as an antiseptic in a pinch. Baking soda could be implemented and used for makeshift toothpaste as well as detergent. Packs of dental floss could be a substitute for thread. Vibrating toothbrushes could have a secondary use for extra morale.


diabetes anyone?
seriously though, insulin could be made in a lab and detectors would be found in pharmacies, homes and on the occasional zombie same for insulin pumps.