What did you learn from Cataclysm?

So did you learn something while playing Cataclysm and started applying it to your life? did you become interested in something just because you were doing it in-game? new hobbies, interests, or habits maybe? did you bought stuff that you weren’t interested in or find useless before?

Everything is made of meat and food is everywhere.

My neighbors now hate me but there are less cats about.

I learned more about how to make various “survival gears” by reading the recipes in-game and research into them in real life. I plan to make some makeshift weapons, namely the nailboard and knife spear just for the fun of it.

I learned that one } out of place can make everything die.
Cataclysm, while at the far end of outrageous, also made me carry a penlight (6oz, freaking aluminum) and a multitool (Leatherman Squirt :slight_smile: ) along with my usual phone, watch, and duct-tape.

-I become to appreciate empty containers more especially empty bottles to refill water instead of buying new ones.
-I bought a flashlight and a fanny pack. They proved pretty useful.
-I became slightly interested in tailoring and mechanics.
-I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since unexpected shit happens, I already keep a few things in my backpack in case of need:

Mini screwdriver with multiple bits, lighter, strike-anywhere matches, sharpies, deck of cards, tiny medkit with bandages and disinfectant, bottle with 2 types of painkillers, pepto bismol, and some of my ADD meds in case I forget, and my swiss army knife with various container-opening tools.

What Cata has taught me: Have a backup plan in case you’re without home, and know how to at least field-dress animals.

A hatchet is a damn good idea for an emergency. I now own one, with a notch for nail-pulling and a flat end to double as a hammer. Plan is to look into a small tent kit I can fold away into my (kinda big) backpack, and get something for water purification on the go. While I don’t expect any zombie apocalypse, my city’s on a relatively minor faultline. It doesn’t produce earthquakes much bigger than 6 on the Richter scale, but none of the buildings here are designed to resist quakes.

What Cata has taught me is that I would be absolutely terrible at survival and should probably throw myself to the zombies to save time.

Yeah I’m basically fucked if antibiotics become necessary, I can’t even take penicillin derivatives. Only upside to their being out-moded.

While I understand the concepts, I feel like the practice of such would be more difficult

Cata has made me see real world objects as their game equivalents. Usually when I’m high, I nerd out and imagine post-apoc stuff. I got a claw hammer in my dorm and toolbox with some good stuff in there. I also always carry a multitool, a lighter, and in my coat a mora belt knife, fingerless wool gloves, a hat with built in mouth cover. Also the equivalent of a 3ft piece of string in the form of a braided length of hemp cord. All my daily carry.

Cataclysm has taught me that any vehicle can be restored to a pristine state if you have enough welder fuel.

Cataclysm has taught me that my Bachelor’s in computer science should render me able to hack into just about anything on the first try.

Cataclysm has taught me that if I ever end up at an evacuation shelter, the first thing I should do is smash the place to pieces.

But most importantly, it has taught me that [tt]segmentation fault[/tt]

While Cata reinforced the idea that I would be unlikely to survive, it taught me to be prepared, I discovered the greatness that is cargo pants, and carry a few things in my coat mostly basic medical things like a pocket size disinfectant spray, a roll of bandages and plasters. I also keep an ever so useful swiss army knife in one of the inner pockets of the coat.

Hey even if I don’t survive I am a good corpse to loot for other survivors[size=1pt]those jerks[/size].

Since then i always carry a knife. It is incredibly useful. I would never realized how useful it is if i didn’t played Cata. Oh, and to trust water containers. And to be respectful of the art of rock-throwing. And that i am able to make a good weapon with a table and some rocks. And to know that i could survive in the woods perfectly. To always have a backup plan…

And to respect ascii games. Because not everything that we learn should be that important :smiley:

I’m already a bit of a nutter but all it’s “taught” me is more or less “CANNIBALISM IS ONLY FROWNED UPON BECAUSE IT REQUIRES MURDERING SOMEONE!”

Sad that Cataclysm (or researching ideas for suggestions, at least) has taught me quite a lot, 98% of which I can’t remember because my mind went blank when I saw the title of this thread :smiley:

One I’ll never forget though, is this! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_starvation

AAAAAND this! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liter_of_Light

That’s really all that’s springing to mind at the moment though :expressionless:

Cataclysm has proven that driving a schoolbus from a zombie filled forest is really hard when you can only see about fifteen feet ahead of yourself.
Also, it has taught me that when the zombies arrive, COLLECT ALL THE ROCKS!

Cata has also taught me the importance of not lighting fires indoors: SMOKE.

[quote=“Pthalocy, post:17, topic:3983”]Cata has also taught me the importance of not lighting fires indoors: SMOKE.[/quote]You probably shouldn’t light fires larger than a candle flame indoors to begin with, realistically.

On topic, Cataclysm actually has taught me a few things;

  • Have a backup plan. It’s always useful to have a Plan B if Plan A goes down the crapper.
  • Carry extra supplies. If you’re away from your safe area for longer than expected, it’s always nice to have that extra bag of jerky or extra bottle of water.
  • Always carry a light source around. Whether it’s your phone, a flashlight, or a glowstick, it could be very useful.

Actually I have learned one thing…

The biggest, fuel consume-est vehicle is awesome… …until you’ve drained every drop dry in the tri-state area.

Honestly, In real life I would carry as much as I think I’ll need, while in cata, I’ll grab everything and chuck what I can’t carry later or consume it on the spot.

Size And Weight Constraints (SAWC)