Better way to organization our massive stash of stuff

Its nice that we can have as many things as we want in a pile, but its dissorganized and becomes a hassle to find things. How about the following:

  1. interface for stash has categories similiar similiar to our inventory
  2. categories page so we can pick the category we want
  3. ability to add ‘tags’ similiar to how gmail does it, so we can set up our own categories and items can have more than 1 tag. all this means is the category screen adds a longer list
  4. alphabetical order of items in each tag
  5. ability to search for things in (like with ‘v’) and when it filters you can pick them up from this screen and see the categories of the items
  6. ability to see how many items are in each category
  7. groupings should automatically tag guns and ammo that fit specific guns with tags so its easier to figure out how much ammo you have for different types of guns.

Have you been using the advanced inventory screen? / by default

You can search through those lists of things to find what you’re looking for and manage both your own inventory and all the adjacent tiles at the same time.

I personally prefer the way that it is, with newer items added to a stack landing at the bottom of the inventory scroll. If I drop something into a pile and then want to pick it back up, I can just scroll up off the top of the list and wrap around to the bottom where my stuff is. Basically chronologically sorted vs. alphabetically. Also alphabetically sorting would mess up all the assigned letters of the list when you picked up a new item.

I mark certain tiles with labels (like Tools, Crafting Components, Rifles, etc.) with a permanent marker or spray can and drop only those types of items on that labeled tile. It gets tedious with the more things I find, but it’s worth the trouble IMO.

I just pile up all of each particular category and/or type of thing into its own locker.
A locker for loaded guns, one for empty guns and misc weapons, one for ammo, one for food, one for drinks, one for alcohol, one for containers, one for clothing, etc… Admittedly this takes a decent amount of time to get setup, but once I have it working it’s trivial to use.
When I switch to a mobile base I just setup the trunks in the same pattern in my vehicle, so I don’t have to memorize it all again.

Though my pile of crafting stuff is all piled onto a 3x3 of counters so I don’t have to find anything when I want to craft. This also lets me use the advanced inventory screen to grab up anything specific easily.