More organized floor dumps

the monster lists of items become difficult to handle even with the ‘V’ command. How about we allow you to pick things up from with in the V command and add tabs by category?

So you have categories of items in your inventory. when items are on the floor they can be organized into categories. each category will be a tab. would be nice if you can have an option for sub-groups. so weapons, can be broken up into guns, melee, thrown, or more detail of handguns,rifles, etc… but you should be able to easily switch these on an off. too many categories is annoying when you have a small stockpile, but can be very time saving with a big one. or even by ammo type would be nice.

other enhancements

  1. all items stack on the ground. So if you have 10 of a type of guys. just say 10x. you need to pick how many you want to pick up at a time and not ‘get all and then drop’. This will shrink lists.

  2. how about tabs by craftables too? you can change it. right now the crafting screen tells you if you have all the items you need, but it doesn’t let you see what is missing. some way of combining the crafting items with your stash will make managing this less tedious.

  3. way map guns to ammo. right now guns/ammo turn green if you hold one and you are standing on a square with gun or ammo for it, would be nice to see a gun to ammo type to see how much ammo you have that works in these guns and the guns that can use them in a display.

The crafting screen does tell you what you need. If it’s green you have it, if it’s red you don’t. If it’s brown(? Might be yellow) then it means you only have 1 and you need multiples.