Interface enhancements

Some of these I have posted before and some the coders said they liked. Ill try to remember the ones I noted already. Adding here since others may have similiar ideas and so that people can focus on new ones.

I am going to add a thread about making survival more useful. I have an idea to tie it to some convenience with the interface and inventory.

Main Window Changes

  1. Enlarge Visible Area: If I can scroll with the look command, I should be able to see it on screen if I make my width wider. I get alot of black area on a 27 inch monitor
  2. Pain/Injuries should show as an alert on the main screen. Near hunger. So you don’t miss bite wounds etc…
  3. Negative Morale that just hit you should show up for a few turns on your main screen. Should be configurable. So you don’t miss it.

EQ Layers Screen

  1. The eq layers screen displayed with + should also display your armor per location. So you can get a feel for what is covered. So your bash/cut protection should show in an overview listed with encumbrance.
  2. in the layers screen you should be able to see encumbrance and armor per item warn in a table. So
    Armor Body Location Encumbrance Cut Protection Bash Protection

Will make it easier to keep track of.

  1. Option to show lines pointing to mobs off screen. You get a picture of offscreen mobs on the top left. It says where they are located. Its often hard to find them. Add a command that will have dotted lines or something pointing to each mob from you. So you can look to see how far away they are. This is more for convenience


  1. Ability to sort items by weight/pocket space in inventory screen. so you can quickly see what is best to drop.
  2. Items in alphabetical order broken up by type. Easier to spot.

Ability to Quickly Drop/Take off/Wear

  1. ability to take off all armor.
  2. ability to drop all
  3. ability to get all and put items back on.
  4. add no drop tag to some items. only affected by drop all. so if you have ammo and range weapon, may not want to drop it.
  5. Armor Sets: So you put your items on and then save it as a set. So if you do ‘take off all’, you can just put your armor set back on.
    – was told this may be hard to implement.

Items on Ground

  1. ability to pick up items from the ‘V’ screen
  2. option to switch to it tabbed screen for items on ground by type. Each tab is an item type. For big stockpiles
  3. items listed in alphabetical order
  4. From ‘V’ Screen can walk to an item you want and grab it.
  5. Items listed in alphabetical order

More Item Categories

We have categories of items in our inventory. I suggested adding these to items on the ground (or having the option to add them).
However, Id like to add the following

  1. food that spoils/doesn’t spoil (maybe do it by color?). Possibly list how long it has to spoil.
  2. items have () next to them that list weight and pocket space. Can be turned on and off. and ordered by that.

Car Viewing

Easier way to find cars that work. Its very tedious to look at each car to see if its built or needs parts
Easier way to tell what parts multiple cars need on screen. Id like to add a car memory screen. I am going to make a thread to enhance survival skill that can tie to this.


– becomes a hassle to figure out what ammo goes with what gun

  1. ability to sort guns on ground or carried by ammo type
  2. Can pick a weapon from V screen and then it shows you where appropriate ammo is located.
  3. Can pick a weapon or ammo carried and either get ammo that fits for it if its nearby in V screen or spot it. So don’t have to hunt.

Corpse Display in stack

– Butchered corpses are no longer the top symbol in a stack. I tend to butcher dead corpses for training. Then I get a % over it. I have to then walk to the item to see if there are other items on the ground. This should go to the bottom of the stack

Gun/Ammo memory

you can designate guns/ammo to be in your ‘memory’. So if you find new guns/ammo you can see if you have guns/ammo in a stash that matches these. Matching up guns to ammo can get really tedious