Currently we have 2 maps
1 local with what you actually see and hear.
2 region map the current region you have explored.

What I like to get implemented is a 3rd type of map like the first one but with the ability to see how the area looks like.

Example say you enter a house enter the first room and then go in to the second room you then lose the the ability to see how the room is set up like and in larger complexes it then can be hard finding your way around if the rooms look the same.

The difference to the map 1 type will be that you can only see the rough outline of the rooms building. No info about items monsters or anything but the ability to put down notes on it to mark many interesting things. You can maby have something like you forget the information after a time period and will have to rediscover the house building agen.

For the benefit of the slightly confused (as I was at first), I think what you actually want is not a third map, but a mode wherein what you see does not disappear into darkness when you stop seeing it, instead remaining sort of darked/greyed out where it was, of course accounting only for the static objects like items and terrain, not monsters, and only showing you the graphics, not allowing examination.

A.k.a., what Dwarf Fortress does.

Ooh, I like the gray outlines idea.

Should it be dependent on the PCs INT? And the Forgetful trait?

If it starts disappearing over time (could be easy to randomly erase the visibility flags), then sure, why not? Both perception, intelligence, and the forgetful/whatever-the-opposite-trait-is traits could have an effect.

Yes grayed out and only showing static things. Is a good way to go about it. About forgetting int perception can work. If it is a mod or something else I don’t know.

Sory for my English .

I like this idea. Then again, you see what you see and your characters brain to remember what you saw where should be your brain.

[quote=“Pakislav, post:7, topic:5612”]I like this idea. Then again, you see what you see and your characters brain to remember what you saw where should be your brain.[/quote]Well, yes, but then again, remembering the layout of a building IRL is an entirely different thing to remembering the arrangement of symbols on a virtual map - the “memory map” would serve as a very good visual stand-in for that memorization.

This map is not to map the hole game but only the general area you move around in regularly like your home base. And that’s why I like the ability to also set up some notes so you can organize your base some. Like here be tools and here be kitchen and not have to actually go in to that room to see that this is actually the kitchen.

Might be fun to play a senile character.

We could have a bunch of fun with this.
Hallucinations that make you “remember” a Jaberwock in your peripheral vision.

I’d like to implement this, ONLY if we can “remember” a tiny square around us that washes out when we leave, not the entire thing. Maybe perception could help it to grow. Inteligence too. Forgetful should reduce it in a big chunk.

We could even give it a nice gradual effect when it’s more gray near use, and almost black when we are far, so the transition between black and gray would be almost inexistant.

I would like to come back to the third map idea, like you can hit a button and it switches you from what you can clearly see around you to what you can remember things looking like, purely because sometimes, at least once, i think everyone is going to walk into some placey-place and think it’s all cool, and then just get slammed by monsters they didn’t know where there. Mainly around your main base too, since that’s probably the only place where that’s going to happen, which is going to get very annoying.

Also, I think that ourselves as the player should just remember it ourselves, I mean a lot of the houses are kinda predictable, and most buildings just feel very copy and paste and you always have an idea of what to expect in terms of the shapes and sizes of rooms and walls. So, it could be argued that not having this as a feature adds to the immersion of the game, something kinda irrelevant, but very nice, to put the responsibility on the real life player.

I will support this, only if it is a separate map you would use whenever you just temporarily forget and kinda need to remember the rooms nearby, not the same as the dwarf fortress one.

That third map is a good idea.

If it is a 3rd or just get it in to the regular maps doesn’t really matter for me. Just what the ability to look around the area I just have explored and be able to find my way out if it is a complex building and also be able to put down some notes to remind myself of the pleases I deem important to remember.

I usually set up shop in a works or have been looking at maby a office building and they can be quite big in the end.

Further when Z-levels get some love we will proboly start seeing larger and more complex buildings. Don’t what to get stuck on the 44th floor and not finding my way back.

I’m opposed on the grounds that this reduces immersion, you already have a map of the large scale features of the game, having your character automatically memorize every feature you see is pretty unreasonable.
if you’re getting lost, I suggest making a map, you know on paper. or mspaint if you want.

Memorizing every feature is not what I want I want to be able to see some more of the map then just your Los .

It would also make maze navigation, AKA lab exploration and night looting, a complete piece of cake. I don’t really like the idea very much.

I… dislike this idea.

Actually I kind of agree with this. Imagine you’re traveling at night and there is a grayed out trail of the terrain and large furniture you just saw, that follows you for a reasonable amount of time before transitioning back to complete darkness. It should only cover main features, like walls/doors/bookcases, not items or anything like that. Then apply the same principle to moving around large indoor areas. You can keep track of the layout of the nearby area that you have actually seen, without getting complete amnesia of the surrounding environment as soon as you close a door.

exacly you dont get the full info of everything just the general lay out.