Trait for mapping discovered tiles


I’m fairly sure it was suggested before, but wasn’t able to find any mentions of it.

Anyway, I think it would be cool to have a “cartographer” perk/skill/item that allows you to memorize walls/doors/windows layout for a certain amount of time after you leave the room.
It feels kind of silly when after entering a closet you don’t see anything besides its walls and have to metagame your way out of the mansion.

And it feels more stupid when you have to make a map on paper irl (well, thats a slight exaggeration, but still) so that you don’t wander around this mansion like a retard trying to find the room with the item you wanted.

I can imagine this feature wouldn’t be too important to most seasoned survivors, however it would be really nice to have it.

Otherwise it feels like your character have attention span of a kitten and have no idea or memory about his surroundings when he walks from room to room.

I think the idea is that the character has the same basic memory that you do. If you don’t remember where something is then they certainly don’t.

There is a (m)ap in the game.
You can put notes to remember stuff and see all of your surroundings.

[quote=“woflsipder, post:3, topic:2792”]There is a (m)ap in the game.
You can put notes to remember stuff and see all of your surroundings.[/quote]

No, I mean, it would be good to have an ability to have a memory of visited walls/rooms.

For example, I just found a huge underground lab that is around 5x5 map tiles, both floors. And considering how many super-small rooms are there, it can drive you crazy trying to loot it all - you simply start wandering in circles after a while, as rooms are all alike. If I had an ability to see previously visited tiles, it’d be much easier to navigate.

Of course, it would be good if it was non-permanent, with memorized tiles decaying with time, etc. I believe adom had some mapping mechanics that worked like that.

wish there was an auto-note function that made a note of something important if you ever enter within a few map tiles, e.g crashed vehicle, scientist corpses, drug runners etc.

As to making a map on paper… why bother? Just remember. If you’ve been through an area it should be reasonably safe as is. If you then add notes on the map, e.g safehouse here, gun stash here, liqour house devoid of booze etc :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see this being a nice trait, especially after running around in the dark in a mansion or underground. Suppose in the middle of the run you have to save and quite. Coming back later to play do you remember if you turn left or right out of the room you were in? Which way do you turn at the end of the hall?

My main problem when I first started playing was remembering where I was was and what I was doing after I’d come back to playing. I’m used to it now, but for things like leaving a building, I get how this would help.

Make skewers, carve your directions, and drop them behind you like that fairytale with those kids leaving bread crumbs xD