Additional map option

It’d be nice to have another map option than just symbols. I like to mark the places I’ve visited as safe/looted, and it’d be nice to have some way to do that other than notes. I was thinking a simple way could be darkening the symbols.

It’s an idea…BUT some map symbols use shading already. In particular, the Lab sectors with a downstair are noticeably darker.

COUNTER-BUT that’s actually the only example I can think of, so changing that could free up the map code.

So, could work.

A good thing to add, to solve this, is too be able to shade in map squares and change the colors of them. We can change the Letter of them (Even though they blink) and add notes which is good.
I wouldn’t want it to do this automatically though. But yeah, having some more features to the map would be fun and in a way helpful…