No Map Mod

Just an idea. What would you guys think about having a no-local map/worldmap mod?

The lack of reliable navigation could make a nice challenge and hark back to that era where you would map out stuff on a piece of paper near your comp.

Should be a map. Or a way to draw maps for reference.

Hate the idea… the worst part of some games is blindly stumbling around the area that you just explored ten or twelve times because they didn’t give a proper map(looking at you Dwarf Fortress).

I woulda thought that NPCs respawning in differenlt locations within their respective homes would rate higher than not remembering the layout of your home fortress :b

How about starting out with your map blank and it gets revealed as you explore but the only thing that gets revealed is the area around you in a 3x3.

well I play a mod that didnt tell you where you were but was relativly accurate
or one that let you/made you place your own landmark but told you wherr you were

You could always unbind your map key. I’ve always thought it would be interesting if places you see from a distance would just show up on your map as “building” first, and then after approaching it might get more specific to “shop”, and then when you get closer you see that it is a clothing store.