Most of my successful survivors who actually lived like 4 days instead of 1 get rekt by manhacks, thats why zombie scientists are in the top of my “dont fuck with list” along with moose and hulks
so , how the fuck do you kill them ? tried meeleing them , they dodge waay too good and deal catastrophic damage that absolutly fucks clothes up and you cant run either because along with your injuries from them , they are much faster then you
EDIT : also , for the love of god, no guns
i dont want the whole mafia syndicate of zombie hordes after my booty

I do have the same problem with wasps, and the weird part is that they are easier to hit when you throw stuff at them. Great dexterity supposedly works, but they are still quite annoying, hahahahaha.
But yeah, no idea.

Use a spear and press f to do a reach attack.

It’s a quick strike that seems to hit fairly accurately.

Hah! It has to be because the game treats it like it’s ranged, just like throwing rocks. That’s a neat idea, hadn’t thought about it! Thanks!

Drop all torso enc (if you dare to go defenseless) and try to hit them. That or super high throwing are the only things that seem to work vs manhacks.

Pretty much that.

I’m kinda sure it doesn’t factor in any of your encumbrance when calculating the accuracy of a hit; and so long as you can find a lump of wood or a stick and have a cutting tool, you should be able to make a basic spear.

Manhacks have low hp, so you just need to hit, not worry about how much damage, so make sure you have low torso encumbrance and a weapon with a high hit bonus (this makes the biggest difference at the beginning). Or yes, throw stuff at it, but having high dex helps a lot with that.

Wasps and bees are probably worse, except that they are usually pretty easy to distract (since zombies are common) and don’t attack from quite as far away.

crossbows or arrows.

but manhacks and lost souls are why I keep an ankle holster around

guess i just i have to avoid and if i gotta fight i throw rocks at it till it dies
bonus question : HOW THE FUCK do i keep NPCs from coming down to my storage basement? i took shelter in the evac shelter that i started in , boarded up all doors except the back and front doors and circled the shelter with pits and traps, but SOMEHOW , when i go down in the basement which i store my shit in , i find people there yelling at me : “hey punk , my terretory !” but they just give up and start running at which point i start spearing them till they die , loot there shit and throw there bodies in a pit but its getting pretty annoying especially since i have to kill them
TL;DR : how do i keep NPCs From entering my building ?
Edit : also , i got npc spawn rate at 0.1 but somehow they are still showing up like flies , bug ?

yea, flies are bugs, but npcs are peoples

Soylent green is npc! NPC!

how do i keep NPCs From entering my building ?
Build the wall!

(Do they come from above? or spawn underground?)

Soylent green is npc! NPC!

how do i keep NPCs From entering my building ?
Build the wall!

(Do they come from above? or spawn underground?)[/quote]
i very much think they spawn underground

i very much think they spawn underground[/quote]
Well that is a bug then. They shouldn’t magically appear like that. (Underground at least, and im assuming you are not having a base inside a sewer).

i very much think they spawn underground
Well that is a bug then. They shouldn’t magically appear like that. (Underground at least, and im assuming you are not having a base inside a sewer).
as i said , my actual base is in an evac shelter and the storage area this i am trying to keep them out of is the basement

I find wasps much more annoying than manhacks. Maybe it’s just me. Plus I usually have characters with ludicrous melee skill by the time they’re facing manhacks.

Just remember that even a level 0 skill gunner can down a manhack with a snapshot at melee range.

while manhacks are quick they are fragile too, EVERY ranged attack (and reach attack) is deadly to them, i sniped few manhacks with tin can of canned chicken at 1 lvl of throwing

Seems recently throwing does a lot less damage. Even with throwing 2 or 3 I could hardly damage them after I threw all my sticks and tools at them.

Yeah, I assumed as much. Very rarely storage areas interesect with other underground structures, or at least they used to. So I was wondering about that.

NPC’s can spawn underground in evac shelters.

I once had 3 or 4 NPC’s huddled in a corner and didn’t dare attack them cos they had shotguns and uzi’s.

I manhandled them later on with krav maga or something and disarmed them on by one and may have blasted one or two with a shotgun point blank range.

Manhacks are easy to kill, just throw shit at them.

Flying enemies like wasps, manhacks, etc, are a pain to melee. Bows are great. You can usually one-shot manhacks with a bow. Early on a shotgun (if you can get one) is good for flying critters and other deadly encounters. Yes, it’s loud. Yes, you need to leave the area when you’re early-game, since you can’t handle the effects of ringing the “dinner bell”. But your other option is to get killed by the wasp/manhack/etc, so it’s almost always a better choice to just shoot the thing and run away.