Is there a way to limit what types of enemies spawn?

I’ve finally started to get the hang on the game, I’m lasting more than a night or two but the one thing that always ends up killing me are manhacks. I did a bit of searching but I didn’t find anything about disabling either Zombie Scientists from spawning or just removing manhacks. I just hate getting torn to shreds because I can’t out run them, hit them, or even close a door or window because the swarm just follows along on my heels.

theres no option to decrease the spawn rate of specific enemies. You could disable special enemies completely or reduce the overall spawnrate.
Or try defeating them manhacks :slight_smile:

Alternatively open up mongroups.json and search for whatever monster you don’t want to spawn, and then edit its numbers down or remove it completely from that file.

Thank you for the idea, I ended up looking through the file and just changing his special from “SCIENCE” to a standard “BITE” to avoid manhacks messing my day up.

I hate those little buggers.

I used to hate them too, but I learnt how to deal with them.

First, never try hitting them in melee, you’ll miss, a lot. Second, throw things at them, you’re more likely to hit, or better yet, use a gun. However, my favourite method is to use the Control Laptop, turn them in to your allies, then pick them up and store them for later.

Seriously, Manhacks are so powerful, I just unleashed a swarm of 20 manhacks which then proceeded to kill over 200 zombies in the biggest horde I have ever seen, without taking ANY damage.

You could also try reducing your torso encumbrance, 0 is best, then you should have no problem hitting them.

Having recently started a few characters with the Locked in Lab start, manhacks never struck me as particularly threatening. Even with shitty weapons and low skills.
(Granted, after the first one you’ve a decent shot at having a combat knife, and they’re a lot less likely to swarm you in the dark, but still…)

It’s probably encumbrance, yeah.

Just throw your rubbish at them, They tend to die after I throw my crowbar and wrench.