Mana focusing - what is it?

I’ve been enjoying Magiclysm and modding for a while now but I haven’t seen any documentation that explains mana focusing. Can anyone explain or point me in the right direction? Thanks :slight_smile:

according to Rycon Roleplays’ Luna Magiclysm run, it’s either a copper circlet or bracelet/ring


A comment I found useful

Rycon, don’t know if you noticed but the copper circlet has a Mana Focusing quality of 1, that might come in handy

Also, Search for the Copper Bracelets that are in some of these bedrooms, i believe they have Mana Infusing, something you needed for a magical recipe.

This is the video where he goes to get them and explain them a little Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead "Luna" | Ep 21 "Archmagi" - YouTube

Ah, perhaps my question wasn’t clear: what does mana focusing do? what difference does it make? how do I use it?
Alternatively, do you have a timestamp for relevant bit in the videos?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Mana focusing is a tool quality, so it’s only use is that you need it for some recipes as far as I know.

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Ah, thanks. Most helpful. I was hoping there was some in-game lore but just knowing where it is applicable is useful. Now I can get modding. :slight_smile:

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