The Mana Cores Mod

I made a mod about improving yourself through training a mana core. Currently the features are pretty bare bones but it allows you to raise your max mana and regeneration with each core above red.

One of the biggest things I disliked about magiclysm in general is that while it is a fantastic mod you have no ability to improve your max mana capacity through training. I feel like if you have a magic society you better expect that there are ways to raise your base mana capacity and regen speed beyond the base outside of have a bigger brain (more int).

I am just putting this out there in hopes of getting feedback in either balance changes, ideas, and pretty much just a general feeling of how the mod is. You can always ping me on discord if you have ideas.

This isn’t meant to be a sprint to the top and there is quite a wait between breaking through to each core, in order to breakthrough you must activate your core. Be warned, stressing your core too much will cause irreversible consequences.

I had to add the “The” because of the character requirement for the title.


Hey, tried running this with Frank 0.3 and it crashed, is it intended for the latest experimental? Or for a different stable version?

Edit: Ran on the latest experimental and had no issues, guess I solved that XD

this sounds pretty awesome, i hope you keep working on it