Making a New Challenge Mod and have some questions- Never Ending Persuit RE Mod

So I just played a character against the Hunted Challenge- Unsurprisingly he died. The second one found a car and is doing well but now I want top make something more dangerous and constant.

Basically I want to make Nemesis from RE3 orig and Remake with a little G-virus mixed in.

The Pursuer (And the variants, more in a second) will respawn every X days, will evolve into 5 better variants and no matter how many times it is put down it just keeps coming back.

So I have a few questions about modding certain mechanics to the creature I am making (That is the easy part, just having it come back on a regular and settable basis is the hard part)

  1. Is there a way to make a persistent enemy respawn after a set time period?
    1b. How is the period adjusted and do player settings effect it?

  2. Can the creature be tracked on the overmap like how a horde is?

3.Can I have it mutate without the game spawning multiple, and can I set it to mutate on death?

  1. Where are Missions info kept? I can’t find the existing missions anywhere, only the explanation of how to make ones for mods.

I’m also planning on making the Herbs from RE games that can only be found through searching shrubs, though changing their effects a bit to fit the game mechanics and making them suitably rare to fit their power.

Challenge: Relentless Persuer
Nemesis follows you. Every time you kill him he returns 3-7 days later with a new mutated form, with 5 total mutations until he just keeps returning as Persuer (Ultimate).

Attack Ideas:

(Tentacle) Pull: Pulls character towards the enemy with a high knockdown chance.
Lash: Light cutting attack with minimal bash, later causes ACID. Used at range.
Trip: High chance of knockdown at range.
Grab: Grapple at range and can pull in.
Choke: Strangle the PC and then throw them 1 tile away dealing damage to the HEAD.

Chokeslam: Lifts PC and slams them into ground, dealing damage to TORSO and HEAD with a chance to stun. It knocks the wind out of PC, reducing stamina?
Smash to send player back 1-6 tiles depending on mutation lvl
can bash through walls and obstructions easily
Can Grapple/Grab
STOMP: If PC is downed the nemesis will attempt to stomp on their TORSO or HEAD doing high damage.
CHARGE ATTACK: Increases Speed for 1 turn dramatically with a lengthy cooldown to tackle the player dealing blunt damage to the player. Occurs during late transformations.

Grenade/Flashbang/Teargas Hack- has the ability to release a limited number of these hacks to try to kill you? Maybe loses the grenade Hacks when bringing the Rocket Launcher?

Implanted Machine Bearing Gun/Machine Gun: An Audible warning “You hear the ‘Whirrrr’ of a small machine gun on the Pursuer’s arm begin to charge up!” as the enemy charges up with reduced movement speed, before releasing a burst of fire from the gun.

Rocket Launcher: Takes a large number of moves to ‘Lock-on’ with an audible “Rocket System Engaged: Locking On…” Warning before forcing the enemy to be stationary
during the launching of the rocket.

Flame Thrower: Greatly slowed speed and a start up where the player is given a warning via the Implanted Flamer lighting up for a few turns. Look into Flame Attacks.

Mutation Stages:
Pursuer (Alpha Stage Mutation)- Slight Regeneration, Massive HP, Slight Armor, 1 tile tentacle grab/pierce attack.

Pursuer (Golgathic Stage Mutation)-+ 2 tile tentacle grab/pierce/knockdown, Increased Armor and Increased Regen

Pursuer (Stygian Stage Mutation)-+ 3 Tile Tentacle Grab/Pierce/Knockdown, Increased Speed, Increased Armor, Rare Machine Gun Burst Attack (10 hits, very low accuracy)

Pursuer (Tyranic Stage Mutation)-+ 4 Tile Tentacle Grab/Pierce/Knockdown/Bludgeon/Whip/Slash, Increased Regen, Increased Speed, Increased Armor, (Throws Explosive/Man Hacks very rarely)

Pursuer (Omega Stage Mutation)-+ 5 Tile Tentacle Grab/Pierce/Knockdown/Bludgeon/Whip/Slash,Increased Regen, Increased Speed, Increased Armor, Minor Acid Damage to (tentacle?) attacks, Rocket Launcher/ Flame thrower attacks

Pursuer (Ultimate Mutation)-+ 6 Tile Tentacle Grab/Pierce/Knockdown/Bludgeon/Whip/Slash,Increased Regen, Greatly Increased Speed, Greatly Increased Armor, Increased Acid Damage to (tentacle?) attacks


HERBS — Can be obtained by foraging. Needs Mortar and Pestle for mixed herbs, or maybe to use in general?

Red Herb- Hemostatic Properties, if mixed with green and other herbs intensifies the effect.

Blue Herb- Anti-Poison/Toxin/Venom Must be mixed with a Green herb to heal HP.

Green Herb- Disinfectant properties and speeds healing.

Yellow Herb- Painkiller and stimulant, powerful and long term. When mixed maybe increase part hp by 1 HP Permanently? Incredibly rare.

Mixed Herb G/R (2 Portions)- Powerful Hemostatic and Disinfectant that speeds healing of wounds.

Mixed Herb G/R/B (4 Portions)- Powerful Hemostatic, Disinfectant and anti-toxin that greatly speeds healing.

Mixed Herb G/R/B/Y (6 Portions) -Powerful Hemostatic, Disinfectant, Painkiller, stimulant and Anti-toxin that greatly speeds healing, Permanent boost to HP of body part by small amount.

Any input would be appreciated. I need to make the custom creature and move files in the mod folder next.

I think your version of the hulk is potentially too overpowered and destructive. I would create different kinds of pursuers instead. Resident Evil, I am definitely not an expert on this, but it is not all about brute force, but also about horror and enemies in unexpected locations or unexpected events. I do not know how technically feasible this is, but I would maybe spawn pursuers based on your location. So you get different dangers in e.g the subway or a lab compared to an open field or a forest.

Some ideas:

  • Something that infects you with lethal parasites you need to get rid of fast.
  • In a playthrough of mine, I found random wasp eggs appearing all over the place. A physically less dangerous pursuer which is designed to infest your environment with eggs, which can be incredibly hard to find in e.g the forest’s underbrushes can also provide real danger.
  • Or maybe a pursuer which lays “traps” which you have to actively search for, which can also be eggs or dangerous flora or something. This may require tinkering with C++ code, but I encourage you hacking because more jsonifying of things is awesome.

Maybe you can get some inspiration from looking at some other resident evil bosses, I know there was one with huge claws in outbreak, some spooky leeches and moths, too.

There is also the No Hope mod which makes many resources scarce, which may also be worth looking at in this case.

I appreciate the feedback.

Though making him overwhelmingly powerful is part of the goal.

I was able to kill the current ‘Relentless Hulk’ in 3 in-game days, with mostly early/mid-game loot and kiting.

The end goal is to make a boss that requires a quest chain to defeat, assuming it can be defeated at all.

Something that will come from you, and your only choice will be to run away as fast as you can for weeks or even months quietly building your strength to face it or the quests to destroy it once and for all.

Essentially a long term threat and goal for a character to pursue to prevent falling into any patterns or boredom with a character.

Balancing will be focused on later, after I get the monster working as intended.

As for multiple versions I already have a framework for that and was planning on the creature mutating, but I may just make them separate challenges for ease of input.

The 2 things I still need to figure out is how to program a mission and how to ensure the creature respawns on a set schedule (Every X ingame days after death until mission completed)