Mags, clips and belts

Sweet dream of mine - ability to wear a rifle with belt addon, giving you 1 encumbrance. Why do I have to wear a backpack for carrying the sniper rifle?
Mags and clips. Make it optional, but it would be very big step to realism and good nerf for overpowered firearms. Also it will make pump-action shotguns and revolvers much more necessary.
Can anybody code it, please?

Been thought through before. Dev approved

Thanks, I didn’t see it. But what about the belts?

wearing a rifle is still encumbering, in the same sense that they’re pretty big, and wearing 10+lbs around your neck on a 2point strap still would get in the way of various things especially without the training to deal with it. For that reason, along with the clothing/storage revamp that was being discussed in IRC, the best course of action may be to simply wait.

Right now, wearing a million tiny pouches will let me somehow carry an SKS in one piece, despite the thing being clearly longer than the pouches its being stored in.

Yea wearable (with a sling, is “belt” used to mean the same thing sometimes?) rifles/shotguns/etc will be happening at some point. Likely it will be something like 1/2 level of encumbrance. A whole point seems excessive.