Dragonblood help

So i have the arcana mod and it has this dragonblood mutation and any idea how to get the mutation? i tend not to do much with the arcana mod so i have no idea

You use a sacramental heart, which needs a petrified heart, an item that you need to find since you can’t craft it. I don’t know how where to find it, though, since I just debugged it.

edit: you can find the recipe for the sacramental heart in the sanguine codex.

i think it a find on supernatural enemies/ locations i found them a few times i just never did much with the magical mods. mostly because would get bored with a world. But thanks

One nice thing about the arcana mod is that you can abuse the might spells to wield greatbows if you already have a good amount of strength.

how do you gain new spells (and not counting one time use items the spells that are in the mutations slot)

Spellcraft scrolls, which are different from normal scrolls like scrolls of light. To craft one, you need one of the one time use items. For example, dagger seal: might gives you might once and then goes away, but you can alternatively use it to craft the spellcraft scroll of might.

You can then gain the new spell by activating the spellcraft scroll and then waiting as your character stares at the symbols. You aren’t guaranteed to get the spell after using one scroll, so it is a good idea to make multiple.

You can also automatically gain spells when you go down the mod’s custom mutation paths.

tl;dr use spellcraft scrolls or go down the mod’s mutation paths.

Also, if you are annoyed with how the spells keep making you sleepy, just drink copious amounts of coffee and other stimulants. Sleep is for the weak.

oh i knew the energy but thanks again i never really had the chance to get to involved with the magic so i have little experience with them

you find petrified hearts as rare spawns or in enemys

what does congealed blood does its in the mutagen slot on chem

Congealed blood acts like beast mutagen.

so it just gives me the beast mutation? lame they could have gone with a vampire mutation

To be fair congealed blood is from the core game, and vampires aren’t going to get implemented in the core game. Besides, you can only make congealed blood from a jabberwock’s putrid heart, and I doubt drinking some jabberwock blood will turn anyone into a vampire.

fair point. and there. are vampire bats so that could be something

Yeah, vampires as commonly portrayed are too magical to fit in.
Although, personally, I feel like an I Am Legend-style scientific “vampire” plague would fit in nicely. (The book, not the various adaptations which get so much wrong) Nothing supernatural, just a strange disease that’s been around since forever, and which mutated to become airborne shortly before the book starts.

yeah virus style vampire or vampire bat would be nice

At least there are troglobites, which are basically midget dwarf vampires.