Magiclysm and Arcana compatibility question

Does anyone here use Arcana with Magiclysm like I do? I just found out that the learnable spells of arcana give you spells via “mutations” like how magiclysm does with its spell classing system and I was wondering if any of you guys have experienced any sort of compatibility issues. As in, does learning the might spell of arcana and gaining its mutation for some weird reason block you out of a fourth magiclysm spell class should you happen to get to a point of finding four different class spells due to aracana’s spell mutation counting as a spell class or something along that line? There’s even threshold code in the json files, which leads me to believe I may be blocked out of the mutation line’s threshold I’m going with should I get one of arcana’s “thresholds”, so I’m just wondering about that as well.

I may be a bit on the cautious side here but if it does block me out then I’d rather not go through with learning its spells and simply use the talisman versions of them for the rest of my game.

I pinged Chaosvolt in the discord, still waiting to hear back from them. But Kevin weighed in with some good points and clarification:

I’ll try to remember to come back here if/when I hear from Chaosvolt.


Interesting question, my last playthrough i learned technomancer spells,biomancer and one classless, after that i got the mutations of the might spell, flame armor and overgrowth (the ones from Arcana mod) at that moment didnt got any incompatibility even more so since now arcana spells can be used from the same keybind as magiclysm. The one thing i notices is that if you get to mycus threshold, you cant learn any of the arcana spells since they are mutations, but magiclysm ones get unnafected.

And i believe there should be any problems, since magiclysm mutations are pre threshold mutations no?, just there to lock you out of other classes spells

I have not had any troubles with mutation thresholds when playing with both, and I had a lot of spells. As the screenshot above says though Arcana is ridiculously imbalanced, I wouldn’t even say the enemies are difficult at all because you need to go out of your way to find them, and the “bosses” fire spirit and archon can be taken out pretty easily with any .223 and up gun. Player power on the other hand skyrockets with The sacramental heart, which requires you to pretty much visit all 4 arcana locations, which again isnt that hard if you have a .223 gun, as the vast majority of enemies aren’t ranged so you can just gun them down, you can use blood essence to gain dragon mutations. It takes a ungodly amount of blood essence (~100) but it can be pretty easily farmed by butchering zombies and using their bones to craft it essences, and the dragon mutation tree is completely and utterly superior with 10 bash 25 cut protection on the torso for a measily 10 encumbrance cost, which is basically superior to all armor, AND extra attacks that make chimera look weak. The only real downsides are some encumbrance on various limbs and a inability to wear hard clothing in same areas and mouthgear.

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I always thought the dragon post threshold wasnt that good because of the restriction of only using cloth, going to give it a try, usually i only got the basic mutations

You mean that you have reached dragon or paragon post threshold and have no issue with the mutations of magiclysm? imagine having double the spells :open_mouth:

I havent yet had paragon and dragon at the same time, but I have had dragon and almost all magiclysm spells, and paragon with a handful

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