Can't Learn Spells In Magiclysm

Hi! I’ve started a new character and found a magic shop, with a bunch of different scrolls, books, etc. However, whenever I try to study a spell from them, my character stops immediately and I gain no skill points. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if something is keeping me from studying it, but I’d appreciate any help on it!

Also, I don’t have any skill levels related to Magiclysm. Would that affect it?

If you’re not experiencing a bug I’d think the spell you’re trying to learn may be too difficult for you. I know not having levels in spellcraft can make it take longer to learn but I’m only half certain on if you can even learn it if it’s too high.

Some effects like itching from having something like schizophrenia can make you stop an action you’re currently doing. I think learning spells is one of the only few things you cannot simply continue if it’s interrupted and need to start over, unlike crafting, reading, or building.

Maybe, but the scrolls and books all say that “It takes 0 minutes to read a chapter”, and whenever I activate or read it, the menu doesn’t even load to select which spell I want to learn. I even tried starting an Earthshaper and reading the Beginner’s Guide to Magic. The spells that I start with seem to function, although Stonefist and Seismic Stomp don’t seem to do much. However, the book refuses to activate at all. Also, the items and randomly generated buildings all appear, so it must just be some kind of specific issue with the spells and books/scrolls. Not to mention how 50% of the scrolls just don’t even say that they can be read, as they’re greyed out.

I just tried to reinstall the mod and that doesn’t seem to have fixed it. Is it just not updated or something?

Possible conflict with magiclysm and recent changes. I suggest reporting this as an issue on github if it’s reproducable(sounds like it is) on the most recent version and then rolling back a few versions until fixed.

I ran into this same issue, but there is a workaround. Just use shift+R to read the books/scrolls. For some reason using activate or read in the item context menu doesn’t seem to work right now.

Could be connected to consumables that have spell effects not working right now.